What are your thoughts on tonight’s presidential debate?

So the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney will take place later tonight, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Who will win the debate?

Will the “zingers” Mitt Romney’s been practicing for months make him seem more human and less robotic?

Is this debate Mitt Romney’s last, best chance to narrow the gap between his campaign and President Obama’s?



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3 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on tonight’s presidential debate?

  1. I am glad the debates are happening, but I do not plan to watch. I rehearse music most evenings, anyway.
    I do not know anyone that I could convince to vote for POTUS Obama, since everyone I know is already doing so. I do not enjoy watching the squirming, fetid display that is televised politics, especially with both Democrats and yuck, RePub-liCans in the same room. All snark aside, what is Mr. Romney gonna say that, should he be elected, we will not hear over and over again on the evening news. What is Mr. Obama goona say that the Mittster would actually hear and respond to using the same set of, what are those things called again..oh, yeah, FACTS. If there were a consensus on the facts, any debate would be worth watching. But, lacking this, we are going to see the Real World and the Alternate Trickle-Down Universe presented side-by-side, for comparison and contrast, but not for any meeting of the minds, if there is a mind on the other side to meet…oops, there goes that ol’ Snark Monster again, back in yer cage, yon Beastie…MBB

  2. Haven’t we heard it all many times over? The difference is supposed to be…will he say that to his face? Which doesn’t really happen in the staid format. I’d just like to see states able to restrict undocumented PAC supporters from around the world investing in THEIR US politicians. The Supreme Court’s 2009 Citizen’s United decision took the citizen’s voice away, and until we amend the Constitution to null that decision, the U.S. citizen will have to take whatever agenda legislative councils like A.L.E.C. decide to promote. Because right now, whatever the politicians say, we don’t know what they promised to get the billions in election money being put forward.

  3. Both parties made a lot of claims on insurance coverage for the middle class. They claim that all insurance companies will be required to take people with pre existing conditions, but they didn’t say that they would require the insurance companies to make that insurance affordable. Many of us that have lost our insurance are because of job cuts have had our incomes cut in half but still make too much to get state insurance assistance and don’t make enough to purchase insurance. These insurance companies have set their rates are so high for persons with pre existing conditions that it takes half or more of your monthly income. How will they regulate this? These people who are caught up in this are not going to doctors or taking proper medications because they cant afford the high cost of medication and doctors. Which is actually less that the insurance companies are charging, and definitely not both insurance and medical costs

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