RwP: “It’s a Very Pantsless Christmas” Part 1

This week on Rants Without Pants we celebrate Christmas with “A Very Pantsless Christmas”.

My plan was for this to be a lighter/fluffier special, but due to the tragic shooting in Connecticut, I felt passionately about discussing the issue of mental illness pertaining to violence. I shot that segment Saturday morning, not 24 hours after the horrific incident, so I hope the heaviness of talking about this isn’t too jarring when I discuss the other lighter subjects.

Also, in the spirit of the season, my friend BJ, a Conservative, and myself, a Commie Liberal, made a top ten list of political ideas/ideals that we agree on. We do this – “Letterman style”!

I also discuss my Christmas album called “There is No War on Christmas”, which is free to download @, some of the songs from the album play throughout the video.

00:00 – 1:40 Intro/Free Download of Adam’s Christmas Album
01:40 – 8:20- The Tragic CT Shooting (with a focus on Mental Illness)
08:20 – End My Conservative Friend BJ and Myself’s Top Ten List of Political Ideas and Ideals That We Agree On.



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3 thoughts on “RwP: “It’s a Very Pantsless Christmas” Part 1

  1. Oh yeah, also, within the first two minutes or so of the video, I have Coco in my mustache…don’t worry, it’s not a booger. I wanted to make sure that was clear.

  2. Adam, I really like the Top Ten list that you and your conservative friend put together. It’s a cool concept. It’d be great to see more of that kind of stuff. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yeah, the show will be changing a bit, focusing on more realistic optimism and less negative generalizations…but when I’m passionate, I’m still gonna be passionate.

    BJ and I discussed a monthly segment where we show that those with differences can come to some sort of common ground. While politicians can be too hard headed and too influenced b their own self-interest, us regular Joe’s can do what they can’t do.

    This video thing is a working progress and I’m learning what works and what doesn’t. I plan to try my hardest to edit things down to be much quicker. Maybe a 5-7 minute video. We will see how that goes.

    I also plan to interview interesting political figures more often. Thanks for watching Lisa. I deeply respect your blogging, so your opinion is greatly appreciated.

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