RwP: Mayor Dave’s Bitterness Towards Sly, New Glarus in WH, Gwen Moore/Ron Johnson on the Cliff

This week on “Rants without Pants”, I discuss Gwen Moore and Ron Johnson’s take on the economy, the fiscal cliff and the Grover Norquist pledge, New Glarus owner’s invitation to the White House and Mayor Dave’s bitter article regarding Sly in the Morning.

00:00 5:40 – WI Rep. Gwen Moore on the Fiscal Cliff (including updated Shabhead News Alert)

5:40 – 7:29 Republican Senators willing to violate the Grover Norquist Pledge and where WI Senator Ron Johnson stand on this issue.

7:29 –8:17 New Glarus Owner Deb Carey was invited to the White House for a meeting regarding owning a small business.

8:17 – End Former Mayor Dave’s bitter and hypocritical article towards Sly in the Morning.


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16 thoughts on “RwP: Mayor Dave’s Bitterness Towards Sly, New Glarus in WH, Gwen Moore/Ron Johnson on the Cliff

  1. You need to edit yourself. You aren’t as entertaining as I think you think you are. Tighten it up and get to the point. Oh, never mind, I won’t bother viewing any more of these anyway.
    Further, I had my issues with Mayor Dave, but he’s right that Marty Biel is a thug (totally the wrong face for labor now, he is a dinosaur) and Sly could be pretty disgusting on air. You may have enjoyed his outrage at conservatives, but he is a misogynyist. I have a mother, wife and sisters. “He was disgusting to both sexes” is one lame defense. He’s also a 2nd amendment absolutist; ie a gun nut. I consider myself an old school liberal, but I had to stop listening to him years ago.

    1. You may be right about the editing down. I try to tighten things up, but do at times wander…hence the ranting. I will say that it’s something I struggle with every week and probably need to focus on a bit more.

      As for me not being as funny as I think I am? I’m not exactly sure how to respond besides saying that I truly don’t think I’m that funny. Look, I do this all myself every week because I am a political junkie and it’s fun for me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m too much in the center to have a decent gauge. I just do what I do for the fun of it, post it and then let the chips fall where they may.

      I, of course, hate to hear that you would stop watching these videos, especially if you are someone that was watching them before. I never like hearing that.

      But as for the content of this video, I most definitely do not think Sly is a misogynist as I stated in the video. I just don’t see it. I stated in the video “He goes after both genders equally” and I truly believe this. Now is it true that he has gone over the line with saying outrageous things in general? Yes. No doubt, and when he does, he should be called on it, like I’m trying to call former Mayor Dave in this video.

      You stated that you agree with Mayor Dave that Marty Biel is a “union thug”. That’s fine. I have no problem with Mayor Dave writing that. My point was the hypocrisy of Mayor Dave’s article stating that with Sly gone there will be more room for civility…when, in fact, Mayor Dave’s articles are full of incivility. Calling Doug LaFollette a flake? Is that civil?
      (For the record, I am totally alright with a little incivility and a little crudeness, but let’s be honest with it.)

      The point is this: As a regular listener to Sly for the last 7 years or so, Mayor Dave has been on his show numerous times promoting whatever he wanted to promote. Besides him being hypocritical, I also felt Mayor Dave’s article was unappreciative of all that Sly has done for him.

      Now, was I bit hard on Mayor Dave? Perhaps. In fact, my political views are somewhere in the middle between Sly and Dave.

      I read every single “Citizen Dave” article, and I’ve gotta be honest with you, I do feel them to be much more mean-spirited than Sly joking around on the air.

      However, I could be wrong, as this is simply one bald man’s take on the subject.

    2. There are places for entertainment and there are places for attempting to hawk one’s own perceived, “talents,” in the entertainment industry. Title, face, settings and as I said last week, thanks for the warning summary and time listings, kindly stick to your own blog, this “feature,” is not a compliment to Blogging Blue.

      Adam, don’t take it other than constructive criticism. 450 words to explain your 17 minute video? Should tell you something right there. Point your camera at the Solidarity Singers or report something else of value. Visit Walker at a so called public discussion at a closed to the public factory appearance. Large tanker trucks are dumping waste from confined feedlot operations under the cover of darkness. Do something worthwhile if you have all that energy and desire to make a difference.

      I have no time to waste to see you harp about something that I was aware of already, months before you get to it.

      1. Look nonquixote, you have admitted to not even watching any of these videos and based on your comments on all the other articles on Blogging Blue, I could see why you wouldn’t watch them or like them. That’s fine.

        I’m all about constructive criticism, but I don’t make these videos for you. (Just for the record, I have done a segment about the solidarity singers when they were getting arrested and I know they appreciated it).

        My invitation still stands on what I posted a few weeks ago…

        “Hell nonquixote…I’d be up for interviewing you on RwP. I’m interested on how you tick. I promise no funny business. You would get a fair shake with no editing at all.

        If you’re interested, email me at

        1. Thanks for taking the time to engage me. Missed your solidarity footage and I missed you prior invitation. No funny business is likely par for the course and I don’t presently desire any kind of shaking, fair or otherwise.

          You said you know the why of me already, first sentence (@8:08 am), I expressed an opinion, I have many, I’ll express them on my terms, tick, tick, tick, nothing mysterious here, so don’t expect any mail from me.

  2. Ex-Mayor Dave believes in bringing butter knives to gun fights. That works OK when you’re trying to encourage nice things like bike lanes and community development, but it doesn’t get the job done when it comes to governing in tough times.

    And that’s I’m glad he’s my ex-Mayor Dave.

  3. Adam,
    Thank you for the thoughtful and articulate response to my comments. Now I feel I was too harsh (read: rude) and I offer my apologies. We may not fully agree, but your respectful reply was good lesson for me. You schooled me with politeness. Dang.
    Best wishes,

    1. You weren’t too harsh. Actually, your post got me thinking about whether I was too harsh on Mayor Dave.

      That’s why blogging is such a great thing. It’s interactive, it’s informative and it opens up dialogue that challenges oneself.

  4. So Sly went to Soglin over the Dave’s deal with Trek bicycles for the B-Cycle stations? Those stations have ended up being wildly popular, and by adopting Soglin’s plan not to invest in the program, Madison has lost out on a stream of revenue that could have been used to benefit everyone in Madison. Sly sure was short-sighted on that one, as he generally is whenever he goes on his anti-bicyclist rants. Even Vicki McKenna was able to hold back during the recalls and not indulge in talk of automobile supremacy. But not Sly:

    Sly wasted valuable air time that could have been used to forward the cause of worker’s right sin Wisconsin. Instead, he gave the advantage to Vicki McKenna. Do we really want someone like Sly on The Mic, who puts indulging in anti-bicycle rants above worker’s rights?

    1. Sly brought both sides, even let Grothman for dawg sake, regularly chatter away into self-imolative oblivion. Brought John Nichols live almost everyday. I’m not even in the radio market area, but could listen online or select a podcast later. I am willing to allow a few personal eccentricities for the 98% right on discussion of immediately pertinent progressive issues and THE ABILITY to almost always recall with a photographically accurate memory, recent and historical events relating to almost any subject out there. Gifted and talented doesn’t even come close to doing proper justice to John Sylvester’s “knack,” of communicating to the general public in the format he obviously commanded.

      1. “I am willing to allow a few personal eccentricities for the 98% right on discussion of immediately pertinent progressive issues and THE ABILITY to almost always recall with a photographically accurate memory, recent and historical events relating to almost any subject out there”.

        Not true. The “debate” he was part of a week before he was laid off featured mostly ad hominem attacks, not substance. Even the other debater picked up on this. On the facts, Sly is batting about 500. And I should also point out that Sly’s automobile supremacy accounts for far more of his impact than just 2% – he switched his endorsement for Mayor based on an anti-bicycle stance for crying out loud!

        Perhaps the stupidity of Sly’s anti-bicycle stance is only obvious to those of us who regularly bicycle commute, and your endorsement says more about your intellect and command of the facts than it does about Sly’s. There is the Dunning-Kruger effect to consider here…

        1. As a person who enjoys biking as well, I can tell you, I was never a huge fan of Sly’s anti-bicycle stances either. However, I wouldn’t say that Sly’s anti-bicycle stance changed his endorsment. He felt that if the city was going to take money from the emergency contigincy fund, it should have been used for new snow plows.

          Again, I liked that he wasn’t a cookie cutter progressive. Personally, as a listener, I don’t want to be the choir he preaches to.

        2. 2 Matt

          Living in very rural WI, I was not overly concerned about the bicycle rants. We get a thousands of visitors each summer, most bring their bicycles and apparently STOP signs here are written in a different language than in urban WI. As I am also an avid rider and I follow the rules of the road when riding, I am still constantly surprised by idiots on bicycles apparently not understanding the dangers they pose to themselves with their own reckless behavior, when I need to motor to my job.

          I took those parts of Sly’s programing as PSA’s directed at fools on two wheels from someone caring for the personal safety of others. Your bicycle mileage may vary.

          1. You know, I visited Devil’s Tower WY this summer. As I arrived I overheard two visitors talking about the people climbing the tower. “They’re crazy” I overheard one say to the other. Yes, the climbers do appear to be crazy, until you find out they have special equipment that has allowed them to climb that for over 20 years without a fatality.

            Same goes for bicyclists. Our equipment is our ears – which we can use because there is no steel cage around us and no radio blasting talk radio to distract us. When I ride a bicycle in traffic, I can tell you if there is cross traffic at an intersection without looking because I can hear it and “feel” where it is coming from. Drivers, having a numbed sense of hearing, have no clue what the human auditory system is capable of when allowed to function as God intended, and think that my failure to stop at a stop sign (designed for people who cannot hear traffic coming) is a sign that I am crazy.

            I am at least glad you care about my personal safety. But now that you know I am taken care of, why not focus on your own safety and drive with your radio off and your windows open enough to hear what is around you. We’ll all be safer then.

  5. Actually Matt, according to its last report to the Transit and Parking Commission, B-cycle LOST money–more than it expected to–during its first year of operation. They have yet to report on this year’s results. I hope they didn’t lose their shirts again, but I’m sure glad that Soglin negotiated the city’s payment to Trek from $100,000 plus the substantial costs of setting up the infrastructure (cement pads and electrical service, mostly on public land, down to $0 but contribution to the infrastructure. Renegotiating the deal simply showed Soglin to be a better negotiator. Sort of like the deal with the Edgewater–which Trek also wanted us to subsidize to the tune of $16 mil. Funny, now they’re going ahead and building that project with minimal or no special support from the school district, county, city and tech schools (aka TIF). In the end, I don’t think losing out on the “profit-sharing” from B-Cycle has hurt us a bit.

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