Scott Walker’s ignorant “ignorance” defense

From Jud Lounsbury at Uppity Wisconsin comes this little gem of Republican Gov. Scott Walker claiming ignorance of the felonious criminal political activity of his Deputy Chief of Staff during Walker’s time as Milwaukee County Executive.

Scott Walker’s claim that he was completely ignorant of Kelly Rindfleisch’s criminal political activity – activity that Walker’s gubernatorial campaign benefited from – is absolutely one hundred percent mind-blowingly idiotic, considering Kelly Rindfleisch engaged in her criminal political activity less than 20 feet from the office occupied by Scott Walker. What’s more, as I’ve documented before, Scott Walker was the recipient of at least one email sent by Rindfleisch while she was engaging in her criminal political activity.

Either Scott Walker’s lying through his teeth or he’s quite simply the most inept, clueless manager/boss in the history of our planet. Either way, the fact that he’s our state’s governor is a black mark in our state’s history.


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5 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s ignorant “ignorance” defense

  1. Lying and criminality go together by necessity. Whereas many criminals are incompetent, others are not: Walker falls in the former category, which is why he will be indicted.

  2. When you consider both McCarthy and Nelson an old addage comes to mind: “Where you have the most good, there is also the capability of the most evil.”

  3. Gareth, Scott Walker is not an inept liar. In fact, he is so good and he has gotten away with so many lies that he will try anything.

  4. At about 2:00, Walker, when rambling about “ethics,” measures in place in his administration, states, “… we have a statement for them to sign…”

    Just curious if anyone has a copy of that statement so the public can see what it says. I am assuming it is an ethics statement and that Walker has signed one himself to be a good example to everyone under his direction.

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