Former Walker aide sentenced for illegal campaign activity on county time

It’s about time…

Darlene Wink made a tearful apology to Gov. Scott Walker Thursday during her sentencing for doing fundraising work for the governor while at her taxpayer-paid county job in 2009.

Wink, 62, was sentenced by Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Konkol to a year’s probation, 50 hours of community service and $1,000 in fines. He also prohibited the longtime Republican political activist from taking part in any political activity other than voting for a year.

An emotional Wink offered an apology to the judge, “the taxpayers, my former boss and my friends and family” for her offenses. Her lawyer, Peter Wolff, said Wink was referring to Walker, whom he noted she greatly admires.

Wink, of Cudahy, was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of soliciting political donations for Walker while working at her courthouse job. She was Walker’s constituent services coordinator while he was Milwaukee County executive. She worked on two fundraising events for Walker while on the county clock in 2009, when Walker was a GOP candidate for governor.


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3 thoughts on “Former Walker aide sentenced for illegal campaign activity on county time

  1. Wow. Probation and community service. We have genuine election shenanigans proven in court here. Not the phony voter fraud accusations from the right and this is what we can expect.

    1. Should remind us all that commenting on blogs or just voting is not going to change the status quo. Perhaps some prolonged activism may be required? Any ideas? After all, Scott Fitzgerald can say on WPT’s, Here and Now, (lying through his teeth) that the secret partisan redistricting they pulled off, isn’t really what people are claiming that it is.

      Maybe this distorted reality is a drug induced condition of our male Republican generals caused by one too many doses of viagra required for other distortions of their reality. The first symptom of an adverse reaction is Blurred Vision (of the truth, about what a healthy economy is, or what job creation or a government by and for the people are) and seems to have become fully manifest.

  2. Why would Wink feel a need to apologize to Walker? For getting caught? For, by getting caught, placing Walker’s own ass in jeopardy?

    Apologize to the taxpayers and to her friends and family – yes. But to “her boss???” Seems to me like serving his covert agenda is how she got her tit in the wringer in the first place.

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