Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Elicits a WTF? Moment.

All during the football season, news junkies like myself have to endure almost daily color photos and headline stories above the fold on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about the Green Bay Packers…even on bye weekends.

Yesterday Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett gave his ‘State of the City’ address and covered any number of important items related to the city of Milwaukee: taxes, jobs, budget, economy, etc…but what is the major focus of the article including the headline on the front page of today’s LOCAL section? Barrett urges keeping Bucks in city…



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2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Elicits a WTF? Moment.

  1. Bucks buy a lot of advertising from the JS and Journal Broadcast Group. The Bradley Center holds up the sagging value of commercial real estate in that area, which includes the JS’ building at 333 W. State.

    Not sure how realistic it is, but imho it’s worth considering if eventually the equity of the Bucks could be shifted to an ownership model like the Packers employ.

  2. I am personally 100% opposed to spending a dime of tax money to support a billionaire’s plaything. The idea is disgusting. Any politician who supports it loses my vote and frankly to avoid a sales tax I will end up avoiding shopping locally and rely more on online options regardless of my personal preferences on the issue.

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