5 thoughts on “Sheriff David Clarke accuses county executive of ‘penis envy’

  1. Bad for the Sheriff, bad for law enforcement, bad for County government, bad for Milwaukee……

    I blame Sykes and the other local wingnut radio entertainers.

  2. Sheriff Clarke, prove it. I’ll provide the tape measure and you can even wear your Village People outfit.

  3. 2 powerful Milwaukee officials. One, a coddled over-privileged rich boy with a Napoleon complex. The other, a teabagging moron in control of law enforcement. What could go wrong?

  4. I don’t love Abele much either, but this is just stupid and childish. We need to see a very strong contender stand up and run against Clarke as soon as possible. I have also spoken to my county supervisor that they need to take away as much of his budget as possible after that idiotic NRA advertisement.

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