Melania Trump Wants To Have Dinner With Me!

I wonder what the proper attire is when meeting the first lady and not the president? From last weeks email:


I LOVE being your First Lady.

Donald and I have been overwhelmed by all of the incredible people we’ve met all across the country these past few years.

While I’ve LOVED getting to meet so many Patriotic Americans, there’s still one person I haven’t met.


I’d like to change that.

This is going to be an incredible evening that I know we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

I hope to meet you!

Melania Trump
First Lady of the United States

What’s the protocol here? Play footsy under the table? Can I grab her p*ssy? Say rude things about her husband? Suggest we watch submarine races? Take provocative selfie photos (wink wink!)? Have her tested for coronavirus? Yes it would an evening that we’ll both remember for the rest of our lives.

And why do they keep sending me this stuff? It comes to a Blogging Blue email address…don’t they vet this stuff at all?


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2 thoughts on “Melania Trump Wants To Have Dinner With Me!

  1. My mother in law, a rabid Republican, would get a “personal” Christmas card from the “Scott Walker Family” every year the little weasel squatted in the governorship. I think she actually believes he personally signed those cards at his own kitchen table. Glad to see somebody sees through the scam.

  2. Damn…Melania is canceling her west coast trip due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ aka coronavirus.

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