Mining not an economic cure-all, at least not in Minnesota

Republican Gov. Scott Walker and his rubber-stamp legislature should read this before they continue to deceive Wisconsin’s citizens about the “job creation” potential of an iron mine in northwestern Wisconsin.

Mining could be a huge economic boost for the state, say proponents of an iron ore mine in northwestern Wisconsin.

But it hasn’t been a cure-all for the big iron ranges of Minnesota and Michigan.

The areas rank below average in median household income for their states, and their economies have often struggled despite dominating iron ore production in the United States.

I don’t care what Republicans say; it’s clear an open pit iron mine won’t be the “magic cure” to Wisconsin’s job woes.


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2 thoughts on “Mining not an economic cure-all, at least not in Minnesota

  1. Thanks Zach. GOP loves mining, because it reminds their base of “job-killing-government-regulations.”

    Somehow, when it comes to legalizing marijuana, they “forget” about “job-killing-government-regulations.” I would never encourage anyone who did not have a serious illness to use it, but the prohibition of alcohol didn’t work.

    Money from Big Pharma and the “Prison-industrial complex,” is just too tempting for both parties.

  2. They also tend to ignore the fact that most of the real mining jobs will be filled by experienced miners who migrate to the next mining job opportunity. New supportive local jobs probably won’t be the high paying positions promised by our Republican legislature…you can check the mining and oil/natural gas ventures in Wyoming and the Dakotas for similar examples.

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