Some thoughts on Scott Walker’s budget

Here’s my synopsis of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget address:

  • More state government intrusion into the affairs of local governments.
  • Scott Walker wants to end dependence on the government for things like healthcare, living expenses, food, etc. No word though on when Scott Walker will end his dependence on the government for things like healthcare, living expenses, food, etc.
  • Want more money for education? Scott Walker can oblige, as long as you want that money to be dumped into unaccountable charter schools.
  • Sure Scott Walker cut $1.6 billion from public education in his last budget, but he replaced it with $6.4 billion in spending for new roads and bridges!

Here are a couple of other takes on Scott Walker’s budget.


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8 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Scott Walker’s budget

  1. Sorry, but I could not bear listening to or reading the words of a false prophet, to use a biblical expression. Following Walker’s failed governing and the harm it has caused the past year, both to the institution and Wisconsin citizens, I knew his address would be more of the same.

    I do not comprehend how any righteous atheist or religious believer can reconcile the inhumanity and idiocy of Walker’s extreme ideology and his fanaticism in its ruthless application to the masses.

    In the language of the street, Walker sucks, big time.

  2. In the event that I am judged too harsh in my opinion of Walker, I call your attention to the latest report of his incompetence and insensitivity in “Don’t Get Old in Wisconsin” at

    In part, under Walker, “…the state’s nursing home industry has descended into ‘deregulated chaos’…” I have a two very personal and recent happenings to share with you on the decline of nursing home care in Wisconsin and the “for-profit” merchants who raced to open shop as soon as soon as Walker took office.

  3. #1 Who owns and built a VERY large majority of nursing homes in wis. BAIN Capital !

    #2 If a nursing kills your relative, Your local district attorney CANNOT supoena the report on what happened.

    #3 YOU ARE SCREWED and absolutely no recourse

    #4 This so called “Tort Reform” was passed at 3am as part of a “Jobs” Bill

    #5 Don’t belive me. ASK YOUR LOCAL DA

    1. In effect, have not Republican legislators led by the Fitzgerald brothers and Walker with the able assistance of ALEC given a FEW greedy merchants of senior-care a license to kill?

      For old news and a comprehensive review from March 26, 2011 of the Wisconsin Omnibus Tort Reform Act, see “Killing Granny in Wisconsin” at:

      There is an urgent need for legislation to restore “crimes against humanity” in Wisconsin…and soon. Abuse or neglect causing death or suffering of the elderly and the disabled is akin to euthanasia in my opinion.

  4. It appears Walker’s budget is heading in the direction of two school systems; one, Charter, largely unregulated and with a blank check and a second, Public, just the opposite with all kinds of restrictions and defunding. Eliminating the educator’s collective voice in their union in Act10 was just a first step. Walker’s new budget is a continuing effort in privatization of our Public school system.

    What next; elimination of local school boards? Will taxpayers’ dollars be subject to a huge return on investment paid to out-of-state owners derived from “minimum wage” of unqualified teachers?

    At least that’s the signs I see for the future of education under Walker’s budget in the following article at:

    It is incomprehensible to me how a person, with no degree, with no formal education in administration, law, education, the humanities, political science, and whose lone practical experience as a county executive surrounded himself with scandal, contention, and failed efforts could rise to govern one of the United States of America.

    Scott Walker is a fraud of a massive nature and affect inflicted upon Wisconsin citizens.

    God help us.

  5. And that voucher scheme and related big- goverent power grabs and kickbacks to contributors count on one thing. That Roggen-hack gets sent back to the Supreme Court.

    Which is all the more reason to vote Fallone on April 2, as if you didn’t know to it already.

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