The Charlie Sykes foodstamp “PSA”

On his show on Thursday, right-wing squawker Charlie Sykes of WTMJ620 AM aired a parody of Food Share/Stamp recipients that contained strongly racial undertones.

You can listen for yourself to Charlie Sykes’ “PSA” at approximately 29 minutes & 25 seconds into the segment belwo:


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1 thought on “The Charlie Sykes foodstamp “PSA”

  1. Apparently Chucky has now taken the piece down, and is flailing about desperately trying to make excuses and say the skit isn’t really racist and that we’re all being oversensitive liberals. Whassa-matta Charlie? Afraid some people don’t quite “get the joke”?

    Hmmm, maybe Charlie should put a helmet on to shelter himself from the big, bad world outside of the Radio City bubble-world.

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