2 thoughts on “Sen. Tammy Baldwin endorses Mike Tate for DPW Chair

  1. I was neutral on Tate, now I’m against him.

    Coming from one of the safest and best educated districts in the County, Senator Baldwin was a huge disappointment in the House and she’s continued that in the Senate.

    Being an “out” lesbian does not give her the right to stand by while the 1% pillage the 99%. That’s what her cowardly House vote on the (January 2013) fiscal cliff did. It allowed Obama to give up all the 99% leverage on raising taxes on the 1%.

    IMHO, she basically traded her ticket to the U.S. Senate for Obama care containing a “public option.” It would have allowed middle class families to buy Medicare, a first step towards Medicare-for-all. Without a “public option” as competition, the health insurance oligopoly can LOCK IN their profit margins on Obamacare by providing LOUSY coverage.

    You can criticize Gwen Moore, but her constituents are not nearly as well educated or as affluent as those in Dane County. The responsibility for fighting for collective bargaining, for fighting against Wall Street, against the fossil fuel oligopoly rests heavily on the shoulders of Dems in super-safe districts like Dane County. So far Mark Pocan’s been following in her Vichy footsteps.

    I want to be fair, so In their defense, Big Ag/ Monsanto/Carghill/ConAgra dominate WI politics. But both she and Pocan have to do a lot better. I will donate a $100 to anyone who will primary Pocan from the left. It’s a mid term. Ad rates and turnout will be lower. It’s the time when the reality based have the best chance to rescue our country from its disastrous course.

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