Crazed Obama hater flies Nazi flag to show his opposition to President Obama

Yeah, those Obama haters are a classy bunch…

Joseph Sincavage has made up his mind: The Nazi flag will remain on display outside his house, right next to the American flag, the Marine Corps flag and the one that bears the Vatican coat of arms.

The 73-year-old from Stratford, Conn. prompted outrage this week after putting up the large Swastika symbol on Sunday. But Sincavage maintains that it is meant to show his opposition to President Barack Obama, and that people are overreacting by suggesting otherwise.

“I am going to keep flying (the Nazi flag) until Obama changes his policies, resigns or gets impeached,” he said in an interview with the Stratford Star. “I am going to stay with it on the basis of my First Amendment rights.”

According to the Huffington Post’s report, Sincavage didn’t realize people would take his display of the Nazi flag as offensive for reasons other than his opposition to President Barack Obama. Sincavage also reportedly ordered an Israeli flag, which he said he intends to fly alongside the Nazi one, “so Jewish people won’t think I’m mad at them or anything like that.”


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1 thought on “Crazed Obama hater flies Nazi flag to show his opposition to President Obama

  1. Yes, because if he had a Nazi philosophy he would be against the Muslim Brotherhood (many of whom are also members of the Egyptian Nazi party) burning Coptic Christians to death in churches and in destroying the nation of Israel. Uh…wait…no…I know, if he didn’t hold a Nazi philosophy he wouldn’t be taking guns away from people, encouraging anti-religious, anti-family and anti-free speech groups….uh, no…hmmm. Maybe the guy with the flag has a point.

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