Rick Perry is extremely pro-life!

Says Republican Gov. Rick Perry of Texas:

“I am calling the Legislature back into session because too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas,” Perry said in a statement. “Texans value life and want to protect women and the unborn.”

Yep, Rick Perry really really values life.

Pro-life Rick Perry

Rick Perry is incredibly pro-life; just ask any of the 250 people that have been executed since Rick Perry became governor, a number that puts Perry at the top of the list of governors who’ve presided over the most executions in our nation’s history.

And let’s not forget that Rick Perry is so pro-life he even vetoed a bill that banned the execution of the mentally disabled.

Yep, Rick Perry is extremely pro-life!


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7 thoughts on “Rick Perry is extremely pro-life!

  1. I guess he’s called a second special session for Monday.

    Via Twitter:

    @cbl2 takes a special kind of varsity dumbass to gv @WendyDavisTexas TWO shots @ national spotlight #StandWithWendy #SeeYouMondayDickhead

  2. Would you rather they be draining upwards of $80,000 annually on the taxpayer? The government does have the power of enforcing capital punishment. That does not make Gov. Perry a killer. That makes the state of Texas an administrator of justice to those that took the life of another person so cavalierly to the point of ending it in violent and ruthless fashion.

    Would you want the “rehabilitated” people on death row to instead be released on parole and move next to your family? If not, is that not judgmental and presumptive to think that this person could perhaps relapse and re-offend?

    1. Jeffrey, it’s exactly you big, intrusive government-loving types that will cost us the Second Amendment.

    2. Certainly it makes him a killer…he can commute the sentences anytime that he wants…the fact that he hasn’t puts him in the driver’s seat,

  3. …and life without parole is both cheaper than execution and easier to reverse!

  4. It is far more expensive to execute someone than to house him without parole for the duration of his life. I should think a Republican governor would welcome the expansion of the slave labor workforce comprised of prisoners. Good for the bottom line!

    As for cutting down on the number of abortions, you would think that the GOPTP types would go for birth control for free, and plenty of it. If fewer abortions is the goal, why not encourage same sex marriage? Seems logical to me.

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