(UPDATED) Republican State Sen. Terry Moulton supports Medicaid/BadgerCare expansion (VIDEO)

On Monday, May 20, Republican State Senator Terry Moulton held a listening session in Elk Mound. During said listening session, Sen. Moulton was asked if he would support an expansion of Medicaid/Badgercare, and to everyone’s surprise he stated unequivocally that he supported it. Sen. Moulton was then asked if he’d be willing to make a public statement to that effect, and he (somewhat reluctantly) said he would.

Here’s some video from the listening session:

Since the listening session, Sen. Moulton has publicly come out in support of a Medicaid expansion, telling the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, “There’s a strong argument to be made that there is a financial advantage to the state, at least in the short term, to taking the expansion.”

If only more of Sen. Moulton’s Republican colleagues were as willing as he is to taking the Medicaid expansion.

UPDATE: It’s worth noting that prior to making his public statement in support of a Medicaid expansion, Sen. Moulton’s staff told the same Altoona resident who asked him the Medicaid expansion question in the above video, that Sen. Moulton had no intention of making a public statement supporting a Medicaid expansion. I’d certainly be curious to know what transpired between that conversation and Sen. Moulton’s later conversation with the Eau Clair Leader-Telegram.

H/T to Lisa over at Waukesha Wonk.


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