Alberta Darling “really hoping” to include firefighters and police officers in Act 10 limitations

Fresh off the heels of Gov. Scott Walker indicating he wouldn’t be opposed to extending the anti-union provisions of Act 10 to police officers and firefighters, Republican State Sen. Alberta Darling has said she hopes police officers and firefighters will be open to accepting the strict limits on collective bargaining that were imposed on other public workers by Act 10.

State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) says she hopes police and firefighters around the state will be open to accepting the strict limits on collective bargaining that were imposed on other public workers by Act 10.

“I really am hoping fire and police will come into the fold,” Darling told a Mequon-Thiensville Chamber of Commerce forum this week, the News Graphic reported. “They realize their brothers and sisters will lose jobs unless they contribute.”

I don’t know about you, but when I hear Sen. Darling say, “I hope you’ll be open to accepting the kinds of things we did to your fellow public employees,” I can’t help but think that she’s saying that because she knows it’s coming.

I hope for the sake of my brothers and sisters who are police officers and firefighters that they won’t see themselves subjected to the same kinds of treatment that so many public employees have endured since Act 10 was enacted. However, if it does come to pass, it will serve as a reminder that Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the Legislature aren’t above throwing anyone under the bus when it serves their own interests.


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14 thoughts on “Alberta Darling “really hoping” to include firefighters and police officers in Act 10 limitations

  1. Has anyone notified Jim Palmer of the Cops Union about this? He’s naive if he thinks his union is safe, which he seems to…

  2. Of course Walker was sending a signal that he’d let someone else bring it forward.

  3. The divide and conquer continues. Walker takes away residency rules and now he owes them nothing. He has no loyalty.

    Is this why Crivello and his flock having been attending all of Carpenter’s town hall meetings?

    I wonder if Crivello realized that Walker was playing a conquer and divide game with him.

    RTW Is next.


  4. “They realize their brothers and sisters will lose jobs unless they contribute.”
    Sounds kind of like a threat.
    Or just another day in ‘divide and conquer’ Wisconsin.

  5. Brothers and sisters ? Is she talking union brothers and sisters or what? The MPA did not support their union brothers and sisters when they lost their collective bargaining.,

  6. We know if Darling supports it; Vos and Fitzgerald have already determined that it’s a “DONE” deal come the fall session. Walker and these two run the show and if fellow Republicans don’t fall in behind them they’ll get the Dale Schultz treatment in which the money to stay in Madison will not be made available at election time. The poor Capitol police will have to continue doing Walker’s dirty work, arresting octogenarians and throwing people out of the Capitol, while getting kicked to the curb by Walker in the process. The only thing that might save the cops is once the students are back and join with the Solidarity Singers in the “People’s House” Walker will go into full retreat and pull back his legislative attack dogs because he’s going need more than his personal body guard CHIEF and Fitz’s dad’s State Patrol to maintain order. Madison and Dane Co. cops will not be rushing to help when they’re getting it stuck to them in the process. We all know that once Walker uses you and he no longer needs you……..your gone!!!!!

    1. Oh yeah, Jerry, thanks for reminding us that Stephen, father of the Fitzgerald legislative brats, was appointed Superintendent of the Wisconsin State Police by Walker at about the same time ACT 10 was passed. How coincidental! Does the pay-off continue?

      I predict Capitol Police Chief and former State Police, Erwin the enforcer and music hater, in appreciation by Walker and in recognition of Erwin’s off-key rendition of “tote that barge and lift that land in jail” will be a heavy favorite to succeed the elder Fitzgerald.

      Justice has been perverted and speech and singing denied by Walker in the people’s house, but only with the assistance of and with payment or political reward to conscienceless enablers.

  7. I’ll be honest, living in Milwaukee, I have a hard time feeling bad that the people who supported walker may very well get bent over by Walker. I wouldn’t support the ideas, I wouldn’t vote for the people behind such an idea, but at the same time I have a hard time mustering a tony of sympathy for class traitors.

    1. Paul, while I want to agree with you, I hate to see any more of my union brothers and sisters forced to go through what we’ve gone through.

      Granted, the Milwaukee police and firefighters unions didn’t stand with us when Act 10 was dropped on us, but that doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on them if they end up facing the same situation.

  8. So if Milwaukee Police and Firemen get Act 10ed and have to contribute to their benefits…will they be able to afford to move out of the city? Just being a little snarky here.

    1. Ed – that will be a significant cut in pay. Though the pension thing will not apply to Milwaukee Employees. Grant L challenged the ACT. 10 pension requirement and won. Instead of 4 % raises they will receive what everyone else receives – nothing since 2008 – but now 1.5% as an incentive to stay. Their power status will be significantly undermined. Keep in mind that it all cop unions supported Walker. The question is – will there be protests because of this – I doubt it. Crivello stated that he did not show up in Madison to protest and neither did any of his union members. Walker continues to play conquer and divide. It’s time for a strike.

    2. The city could cut the pay of those who move out of Milwaukee pretty significantly if police and fire are subjected to Act 10.

  9. And as for the brothers and sisters…
    Will the police and fire unions be subject to all of the Act 10 screw-overs? It’s not just the benefit contributions. Act 10 destroyed lots of locals as members who didn’t see the point of remaining in a union bailed.
    Wonder how many of the police and fire ‘brothers and sisters’ will bother to remain in their own union.

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