Andy Pantzlaff’s pity party

Pity poor Andy Pantzlaff.

Pantzlaff, who currently serves as the president of United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, wants everyone to know he’s a poor victim. You see, Pantzlaff thinks he’s a victim in light of all the “abuse” he’s received in the aftermath of revelations United Sportsmen received a sweetheart grant for $500,000 after his former boss inserted the grant provision into the biennial state budget.

Says Pantzlaff:

“I am now re-examining what I really want to do and maybe I just need time for myself and my family to heal from the abuse I have taken over trying to make a difference.”

Of course, what Andy Pantzlaff calls “trying to take a difference” I’d call “capitalizing on a political connection for personal gain.”

Despite his assertions, Andy Pantzlaff isn’t a victim; his situation is simply another example of how Republican elected officials have turned Wisconsin’s tax coffers into a free-for-all to the benefit of their allies and contributors.


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4 thoughts on “Andy Pantzlaff’s pity party

  1. Zach,
    I think you’re confusing this doofus for Luke Hilgemann (sp?), Suder’s former chief of staff. None of them are very impressive.

  2. If you attempt to commit a half million dollar fraud and not stamping out liscense plates you should not feel persecuted. But if Bob or rather Scott is your uncle it is illeagal but not criminal.

  3. He could make us all feel better and testify against his former public servant [Suder] who now claims private citizen status and feels he’s exempt from judgement. I think differently……he should be charged with misconduct in public office but we know Van Hollen doesn’t go against the …”good ol boys club.” Perhaps the Dane Co. D A would be willing to give Mr.Pantzlaff a chance to feel better by clearing his conscience under the auspices of a John Doe inquiry.

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