Dan Bice: “GOP criticizes Mary Burke for being ‘entitled’ to Trek job”

Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “GOP criticizes Mary Burke for being ‘entitled’ to Trek job”

Putting aside the fact that Mary Burke cannot help the fact that she was born into the family that founded Trek, which makes Bice’s entire report laughable, I find it incredible that Joe Fadness of the Republican Party of Wisconsin has the temerity to attack Mary Burke for supposedly being “entitled” to a job at Trek while Republican Gov. Scott Walker has appointed one grossly unqualified person after another to various positions within his administration and to elected office in our state during his time in office.

It’s ironic (not to mention idiotic) that Joe Fadness would attack a Harvard-educated woman for holding a job at the company founded by her father, while at the same time defending through his silence Scott Walker’s appointment of a two-time drunk driver to an $81,500-per-year job in Walker’s administration, without that drunk driver being at all qualified for said position.


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12 thoughts on “Dan Bice: “GOP criticizes Mary Burke for being ‘entitled’ to Trek job”

    1. “Our rules don’t apply to us.” 21st Century GOP motto.

      Heck Ed, Johnson felt so entitled, he “loaned” his campaign $9 million from his own (father-in-law’s) company to help his campaign. Why? Because he could!

  1. This simply follows the old Gingrich mandate: “Say anything negative about your opponent.”

    However, Ms. Burke is going to have to verify to me, at least, that she’s not part of a Corporate Cabal kickback against the Move To Amend Citizen’s United protest. It’s no secret that well positioned Democrats do not support Move To Amend and would tolerate unbridled Corporate control of this nation–and ultimately the World through TPP.

    I would think that Ms. Burke would throw her money and influence behind Kathleen Vinehout if she is true to the Wisconsin heritage of progressive democracy.

  2. I like the strategy behind the timing of her announcement. It’s forcing the GOP hand early and it’s shown the voters paying attention now an awfully ugly GOP defensive strategy. I also like the pace of the campaign – first show this low key, positive, attractive businesswoman and play up her business skills and education with focus on collaboration, then start to meet with the media, and then it’s pretty clear what comes next. Wisely they’re not sharing too much detail in the beginning. This is a strategy for the rational who want to win and not the wild-eyed who make suicidal demands so I doubt we’ll see any silly pronouncements on whether or not she’s part of a Corporate Cabal. Ye gads. If Vinehout wants to run, then run – not sure what the big hold up is unless maybe it’s that she’s not laid the real campaign groundwork – campaign strategy team, fundraising network, media relations, colleague support, etc.

    1. A quick look at the “Topics,” tab at Vinehouts’s website, http://new.kathleenvinehout.org/ tells you everything we really don’t know yet about Burke. My money is on Vinehout, I think she is wholly well aware of what, “we the people,” are most desiring of in solving problems that have cropped up here most recently in OUR state, and is fully steeped in the values that established WI formerly as an example of government to be emulated. A government of, by and for the people, to which business and corporate entities served or at a minimum, willingly partnered with on a considerably more equal basis. Not the other way around. Clear as a bell choice shaping up.

      Enjoyed your synopsis of campaign procedure, however I would be questioning the reasons behind the part about “not sharing too much detail,” as I’m guessing it is more to the fact of simply not having too much detail to share, not a deliberate eleventy-dimensional chess move.

      There is time to reach Ms Vinehout and tell her you want a primary and not just the party favorite. A note and a donation backs your message. I doubt there is anything that would prevent my supporting either eventual winner of a primary here, but help to make sure that we have one. No time better than today to move on that suggestion.

      1. Actually NonQuixote, I’ve no doubt she has positions to share – after all she has no motive whatsoever to run otherwise – but I do think this is a planned roll out of a candidate to most effectively counter the Walker machine. If I’m correct, this is a wise, mature plan with a focus on the end game – it’s sure different from other Democratic campaigns. If you like Vinehout then go ahead and contact her – no one is stopping you. Meanwhile, no skin off your nose if Burke doesn’t fold just because you don’t care for her, right?

        1. Have you read what I’ve been saying? I want a primary, I’ve said I will most likely support the winner of a primary. My state Assembly candidate lost the primary by four votes, I worked for the winner against our weiner incumbent, incompetent R, but refused to partner with my local D county party as they gave every party resource over to OFA and DCCC cut funding to my US Congressional candidate a month before the election. F**k them from here on out.

          I have a couple of clues about Burke, so far. If that means to you that I don’t care for Burke, that is not what I have been saying. However, Tate/DPW picking her, prompting her, strategizing for her (we’re not even sure of that point) right out of the gate, I don’t see as a plus, by any means.

          Three reasons I am supporting Vinehout, right now. I know her, I know WHY I prefer her and I don’t think Mary Burke needs my money at this point. For Vinehout to actually make the decision to primary Burke, THE thing I want most right now, I feel I need to first help make that happen.

          Cheers, thanks for your comment to allow me to further articulate my thoughts.

    2. If Vinehout wants to run, then run – not sure what the big hold up is unless maybe it’s that she’s not laid the real campaign groundwork – campaign strategy team, fundraising network, media relations, colleague support, etc.

      Exactly, Emma. That’s why we’re in this mess. Because Democrats in high office depend on Corporate PAC money as well as Republicans. The difference is that the Republicans have a smaller, more elite, focused and super rich, global influenced faction running the corporations and organizations.
      Burke is smart and able, and I will support her if she wins a primary, but her knowlege and commitment to Wisconsin Progressive politics cannot compare with Senator Vinehout’s.

      1. I don’t think you or I know what Vinehout has laid out yet or NOT as implied in EmmaR’s quote you pasted into your comment. I don’t see anything as indication of there being a “mess,” presently. One anticipated major candidate announced, the other anticipated major candidate stated a time frame to announce (possibly a KV strategy to guage what the R’s are going to throw against Burke’s wall and try to make stick), thus the R’s slinging mud is the only mess I can determine at this point. Public sentiments can steer eventual PAC contributions.

        1. The “mess” I was referring to is the lockstep and highly financed Koch/Andersen/ALEC consortium against the fragmented Obama/Pelosi/Reid/OFA/VariousFundraisers/etc. contingent that is producing so many incompetent, rubberstamp politicians. Kathleen Vinehout excepted because she has established her own base, limited though it is, through her own thought and political actions.

          Sorry for my laconic post and your usual acrimonious confusion, Windmill.

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