Exhibits A – F: Wackiness in Relief


Exhibit A: Enrollees in ACA exchanges are an urban legend. Um, yeah.

CBS This Morning’s Research-Free Health Care Report | Blog | Media Matters for America


Exhibit B: Mc Cain and Gohmert exchange bizarre vitriol. Oh, yeah?

McCain: Louie Gohmert Has ‘No Intelligence’

The Post-Shutdown GOP Civil War in 23 Quotes


Exhibit C: Democrat at your door? Get your gun. Um, insane.

N.J. GOPer: If My Rival Comes To Your Door, ‘Get Your Gun’


Exhibit D: House stenographer Loses It. Um, what?

Stenographer snaps, rants on House floor – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

House Stenographer: Holy Spirit moved me


Exhibit E: GOP extortionists conclude moderate Republicans betrayed them. Um, surprise.

Conservatives Learned The Wrong Lessons From The Shutdown Debacle


Exhibit F: GOP extortionists conclude the Press betrayed them. Um, more surprise.

‘Lying To The American People’: House Conservatives Blame Press For Shutdown Surrender



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