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The new blog Take Wisconsin Forward has a great first piece up titled “Why I Do Not Support the “Mary Burke Strategy”” which is very definitely worth a read, because it articulates the concerns many of us have about Mary Burke’s candidacy.

This wasn’t supposed to be the first post on this site. I had big plans to lay out a broad outline of topics related to Wisconsin 2014 electoral politics, voter turnout, and key issues, and then ease my way carefully in to the delicate topic of who should be the next Governor. Those plans are going to have to wait, however, until after I speak my mind about the “Mary Burke Strategy”.

What, you ask, is the “Mary Burke Strategy”?

I am referring to the strategy wherein the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is choosing to go “all in” on a Mary Burke campaign. The strategy where she is (and has long been) clearly the preferred candidate of the party establishment.

The “we don’t need a primary” strategy.

The “we don’t even want a primary” strategy.

The “instant frontrunner” strategy.

The “clear the field” strategy.

The strategy wherein we are told that Mary Burke is the ideal candidate to challenge Scott Walker, because she has a successful business background and stuff. (Don’t ask questions, just trust us!)

The strategy wherein an “instant frontrunner” candidate is rolled out, to the great enthusiasm of the party establishment, but to concerns and mixed reviews from the progressive base.

The strategy where the party establishment tells the progressive base not to rush to judgment, even though she’s, you know, a candidate running for governor. Don’t weigh in just yet, give her time, they say.

The strategy where we know very little about the candidate’s stance on the issues, but we know she is the party’s preferred candidate, but they don’t really want to talk about why, and we aren’t supposed to criticize the candidate or the process or question anything about what is going on or why.

Yeah, that strategy.


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3 thoughts on “This is worth a read

  1. I’m in the party’s progressive base. I was talking up Mary Burke’s candidacy last year, long before DPW became involved. I think she is by far strongest Dem candidate, and I support her nomination and election. I harbor no illusions about her being more moderate than I am on many issues, but that’s really not the point; Wisconsin is not currently a deep progressive state. Electing a Dem Governor is the point and I think her resume makes her the most electable. And Kathleen Vinehout is the best candidate for Lt. Gov. Making a Burke/Vinehout ticket our strongest.

  2. Here’s something I haven’t seen addressed in all the discussion of a Mary Burke candidacy/primary: Isn’t WI an open primary state? Is mischief-voting something to consider when talking about how we ‘need’ a primary?
    Which candidate is more likely to draw a lot of Republicans to the polls in a primary? And what happens if that candidate wins?

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