A tale of two headlines

In the wake of news reported first in the Cheddarsphere that Gogebic Taconite president Bill Williams is facing charges in Spain for damage to the environment comes two very different headlines. Here’s Lee Bergquist of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Gogebic president implicated in Spanish legal proceeding

Then there’s Rick Olivo of the Ashland Daily Press:

GTAC President may stand trial for environmental offenses in Spain.

The differences in the stories are also as distinct as the difference in the headlines. Maybe the MJS needs to send some of its people up north to learn how to practice journalism?


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13 thoughts on “A tale of two headlines

  1. It seems as though MJS can’t do anything right, (or should I say left) especially on composing a headline for this story. IMO 90% of a news story or its attraction for the reader is in the headline!

    Berqquists “…implicated…” and “…legal proceeding” is certainly much less informative, or even misleading, than Olivo’s ” …may stand trial” and “for environmental offenses…”

    Thanks, Steve, for the introduction to the Ashland Daily Press. We need to support those smaller print media such as ADP.

  2. journal communications is a propaganda machine and many on the left foolishly talk up sham-journalist and expert-propaganda hack dan bice as a legit reporter. It isn’t just the headlines that mislead (as you point out), but even the bits-and-pieces of truth found in the paper (i.e. dan bice’s fraudulent “watchdog” column) are all designed to prop up walker and one-party-rule repugs.

    I read a disgusting post at “the progressive” that falsely promoted bice as a “journalist” — his john doe stuff is all propaganda that seeks to undermine the ongoing criminal investigations.

  3. GTAC and Bill Williams are getting everything they want from the Wisconsin Government and Media up to this point. The courts in Spain can have an influence in Wisconsin if the broader public takes interest in the story.

  4. Reporters don’t write the headlines used with their stories. They come from higher up the journalistic food chain.

    1. AB, thanks, I’m aware that headlines are too important for mere reporters, especially at the major newspapers. My credit or blame to Berqquest was intended for the MJS as a whole.

  5. Trains create jobs. Trains are wonderful.
    Iron ore bad. Iron ore no jobs.
    Trains built with tons of iron ore, propulsion from evil oil.

    Iron ore still bad, trains still good.

        1. For someone who purports to be so familiar with open pit mining, what’s the purpose of such a stupid question being asked? Maybe to prove just how uninformed you are?


          Apparently this poster has either not figured out what a search engine is, or just can’t be bothered with facts.

          GTAC is proposing to generate more than enough waste from the mine to bury the entire city of Green Bay under a pile 10.5 feet deep, or to put the entire city of Milwaukee 6 feet under.[2]

          This waste will contain the materials that cause “acid mine drainage,” as well as other hazards such as mercury and arsenic.[4]

          Informed opinion or questions are great, just something yet to be offered by you, ®Steve®.

            1. I answered your specific question about arsenic that would occur as a result of mining in the specific locale being discussed. Any facts to dispute what I posted above? I didn’t think there would be.

              My reality is informed with facts, not with personal beliefs, so I doubt I will be able to enter a reality, obviously different than the one I am presently functioning quite well in.

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