Violent crime down 19% in Milwaukee

So says Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn. Compared with the first half of last year, violent crime has decreased 19.4% in the City of Milwaukee, most notably in the following categories:

  • Homicide, 33 in 2008, compared with 48 in 2007.
  • Rape, 88 in 2008, compared with 124 in 2007.
  • Robbery, 1,392 in 2008, compared with 1,607 in 2007.
  • Aggravated assault, 1,703 in 2008, compared with 2,210 in 2007.

What’s most notable to me about the numbers released by Flynn is the fact that crime is down in Milwaukee even during the summer, when crime rates typically increase. As someone who works in Milwaukee and spends a lot of time in many of the worst neighborhoods the city has to offer, I’ve noticed a difference on Milwaukee’s streets, and while Milwaukee’s worst neighborhoods still don’t feel totally safe, they don’t feel quite as dangerous as they used to.

And now I know some folks might say they don’t feel like Milwaukee’s much safer now than it was last year, but a nearly 20% drop in violent crime rates is damn good, and it’s something to be proud of. Some folks will always consider Milwaukee to be unsafe and dangerous, no matter what, but I think these most recent numbers bode well for Milwaukee.


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1 thought on “Violent crime down 19% in Milwaukee

  1. I would have to agree with you–looks like a good trend to me. Now that my brother lives in Milwaukee, I find myself making an occassional trip down to the Beer and Cheese City. I have yet to see the “horror-story” that Milwaukee is sometimes protrayed as in the media.

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