Walker furloughs county workers, keeps motorcycle tour

On Thursday, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker ordered five-hour weekly unpaid furloughs for most county employees through the rest of 2009 as a way of offsetting a projected $15 million deficit this year. That’s bad news for county workers, but it’s not entirely unexpected, considering similar action was taken by Governor Jim Doyle in the face of an increased state budget deficit, but what I’m wondering is why there hasn’t been an announcement that Scott Walker is canceling his his motorcycle trip across the state.

After all, if Milwaukee County has a 15 million dollar deficit through the end of this year, should Scott Walker really be motorcycling across the state on Milwaukee County’s dime? My answer is no, because if Scott Walker’s willing to cut pay for thousands of hardworking county employees, then he should be willing to forgo his motorcycle tour across the state as well. Leadership starts at the top, and if Scott Walker wants to prove he’s a leader, he’ll lead by example.


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6 thoughts on “Walker furloughs county workers, keeps motorcycle tour

  1. Wait, wait, where’s your headline “Doyle furloughs workers, unnecessarily travels to multiple locations around the state to symbolically sign the smoking ban”

  2. Isn’t it Gov. Doyle’s job to sign bills into law? On the other hand, is it Scott Walker’s job as Milwaukee County Executive to travel across the state to boost his name recognition for his gubernatorial campaign?

  3. Oh come on Zach, Gov. Doyle can just as easily sign bills into law right at the Capitol, not three different locations around the state. Couldn’t the case be made he is just traveling across the state to boost his profile for his gubenatorial campaign?

    On an unrelated note, for all the talk that liberals make about the global warming crisis and how we need to cut back, shouldn’t they be calling for the suspension of unnecessary travel or at least do so themselves? That always kind of baffles me. If we truly only have 10 years to turn things around, why don’t they step and take the lead on cutting back. It seems like the inauguration would have been a logical startig point, since liberals say they look to the president to lead by example and how America must lead by example and other countries like China will follow. I’m not trying to be a wiseass here, I’m sincerely wondering. Just recently saw ultra-environmentalist Cameron Diaz say she doesn’t flush every time she pees, but I bet she lives in a big mansion and doesn’t give a second thought to flying around in a private jet.

  4. forgot, you’ll get no argument from me that there’s a healthy dose of hypocrisy to be found when it comes to those who are often most vociferous when it comes to global warming.

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