In unprecedented move, Justice Michael Gableman asks for reconsideration of Kelly Rindfleisch appeal

In an unprecedented move, conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman has asked his colleagues to reconsider their 6-0 decision not to hear an appeal in the conviction of Kelly Rindfleisch, a former close aide to Gov. Scott Walker during his time as Milwaukee County Executive.

A Wisconsin Supreme Court justice is asking his colleagues to reconsider their decision not to hear an appeal from a former aide to Gov. Scott Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive.

Justice Michael Gableman on Thursday filed his request to the other six justices in the case of Kelly Rindfleisch. The request was dated Wednesday and sent both to the justices and attorneys in the case.

Gableman’s brief filing didn’t list a reason for his request and he did not immediately return a message from The Associated Press.

You may remember Kelly Rindfleisch was convicted of Misconduct in Public Office in 2012 after an investigation revealed she was engaging in political work on behalf of then-Lieutenant Governor candidate Brett Davis while working on taxpayer time for Milwaukee County. Notably, evidence showed Rindfleisch engaged in copious amounts of illegal activity during her time as one of Scott Walker’s closest aides, which given the fact that she had knowledge of the infamous caucus scandal, resulting in Rindfleisch being ordered to testify in exchange for not being prosecuted as part of the caucus scandal, which involved widespread illegal campaign activities on state time among legislative staffers.

Justice Gableman’s unprecedented request to have the Wisconsin Supreme Court revisit their decision not to hear the appeal of Kelly Rindfleisch seems to me to be yet another example of the lengths conservatives in Wisconsin are willing to go to in order to protect one of their own. It’s clear to any reasonable, rational person that Rindfleisch was guilty as hell of the crime she was convicted of, but I suppose her conviction is nothing but an albatross around Gov. Scott Walker’s neck as he prepares to run for president, so it makes sense that conservatives would work to overturn her conviction.


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5 thoughts on “In unprecedented move, Justice Michael Gableman asks for reconsideration of Kelly Rindfleisch appeal

  1. The word RECALL comes to mind with Gableman…and if any other SCOWI judge tries to let Walker and/or WEDC off the hook with John Doe.

    I don’t want it to cone to that, but what are the other options in light of unchecked corruption?

  2. Zach, thanks.

    Saw this in the JS comments:


    Somewhere beneath the acres upon acres of those judicial robes beats the tiny, shriveled, black heart of the state’s most venal employee. And that’s saying a lot these days. Kelly’s about to squeal — so “Justice” Gableman makes his move. This would be high comedy if it weren’t utterly tragic.

  3. Another good comment from the JS’ coverage:


    “The original vote (refusing to hear Kelly Rindfleisch’s appeal since she PLED GUILTY)
    was 6-0. Seven members on the Court, with Prosser not participating.

    So GABLEMAN HIMSELF voted with the remaining 5 to NOT hear Kelly’s appeal.


    Mind you, I’m sure it’s ALL legitimate & appropriate & good for the people of Wisconsin!”

  4. What could Kelly have on them that we don’t already know and that WMC and WCG hasn’t already used legal resources to block? It seems to me that all this does is remind everyone about John Doe at a time when Scooter would probably not want national media asking ‘what’s this all about?’.
    Also, this might be a bit of a tightrope walk for the new chief justice. Get busy herding your cats, dear.

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