Tatewellian Double-Speak

If you completed high school English, there’s a 99% chance you’ve read at least one book by George Orwell.  In one of his best works, 1984, he writes about a society that is being brain washed through the restriction and reprogramming of language—basically, cut out as many unnecessary words as possible, and introduce words that benefit state control.  He called it “New Speak.”  Two words from New Speak come to mind:  Doublethink and Doublespeak.  Doublethink is the ability to hold two opposite concepts in your mind at the same time without having a problem with the contradiction.  Doublespeak, is when a person espouses two opposite ideas and accepts them both as truth…it’s more than just speaking out of your ass, but actually believing what you say.  For example, I could say, “It is night,” and then say, “It is day.”  Obviously, it is not both, but doublethink would allow me to believe both of these doublespeak statements at the same time.

Our Dear Leader, Mike Tate is also a fan of Orwellian doublespeak.  Take below this excerpt from a press release dated November 7, 2013.1

“Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s decision to run for Attorney General.

We are confident that our open primary process will yield the strongest possible candidate next year.”

Then there is Mary Burke.  Mike sends out propaganda with phrases like “Join team Burke,” and “add your name to team Burke” petitions.  Of course, he tells us that neither he, nor the DPW have endorsed a candidate for governor (Doublespeak), and points to evidence that because he wrote a nice press release on Kathleen Vinehout in a previous election, he isn’t playing favorites in this election. (Logic fail).

So please follow Big Brother Tate in doublethink:  open primary process is good for candidates, and open primary process is bad for candidates.  And, for the love of the Gods, if you haven’t read 1984 yet, go out and get a copy.





1I only included the topic and the last sentence, because that is all that’s relevant to my argument, but here’s a link to the full statement in case you want to make sure I’m not cutting out anything biased: http://wisdems.org/news/press/view/2013-11-statement-of-democratic-party-of-wisconsin-chair-mik


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9 thoughts on “Tatewellian Double-Speak

  1. Vinehout needs to quit waffling and postponing decisions if she wants to be considered a decisive leader.

    Bitching that it’s unfair while never declaring her intentions is having it both ways. Kathleen either can stay in the kiddie pool and let her supporters complain or she can join the actual race.

    It has been over a month of Mike Tate and the formal endorsement griping. This is not a winning strategy. The race started, either join it or shut up.

  2. Vinehout needs to quite waffling and postponing decisions if she wants to be considered a decisive leader.

    Bitching that it’s unfair while never declaring her intentions is having it two ways. Kathleen can either stay in the kiddie pool and have her supporters keep denouncing Mike Tate, PU, Emily’s List, etc … or she can get in the actual race.

    It has been well over a month since Burke has been pulling in endorsements and actually participating in the race. The race has started, either she can join it or accept blame that she delayed, and delayed, and delayed.

    I also note that Mike Tate is elected every year. If people gave a crap, they could attend the convention and vote him out. I’m no fan of his, but for all the complaints I hear about Mike Tate his opponent got less that 100 votes last year when he was re-elected.

    Perhaps actual participatory democracy would make more sense than the never-ending internet screeds which never change reality.

    If this is what Vinehout’s advocates think changes opinions, they are delusional.

    1. Markus,

      You make very valid points about the election of Mike Tate. I understand them fully and generally agree. The problem is it is quite the emotional and financial hurdle to ask people to send Mike Tate money so that they can join the party so they can spend more money and time away from their lives and families to attend a convention where they may get the chance to vote Mike Tate out of his position if somebody decided to run against him. What I’d love to see is someone start doing the necessary outreach to bring people into the party as a candidate with a clear grass roots platform on the promise of running the party differently. I might actually rejoin the party in that situation but not just based on hope

      1. Markus and Paul,
        Kathleen Vinehout is doing exactly what you are advocating; taking her message to the grass roots. This takes time. She is not rich so she can’t hire people to do this job. She has no staff, no pollsters, no campaign manager, no senior advisers. In the one poll taken she polled almost the same as Burke. If she is the nominee, yes, she will raise millions. The question then for the Democratic voter is who will be the stronger candidate and can actually defeat Walker. If we give Vinehout the message that we want Burke, why would she run? She has to give up her Senate seat to do so. Burke didn’t have to give up her job. The irony for me is I don’t see Vinehout defeating Burke in a primary and I don’t believe Burke can beat Walker.
        Concerning Tate’s reelection, I am proud of the 95 votes I got under the circumstances. I traveled the state and talked with many Democrats who said they supported me but then for whatever reason never went to the convention in Oconomowoc. Markus, the chairman is not elected every year. Tate had run uncontested in the two previous elections. Mike says there are 15,000 card carrying Democrats in the state. I believe the members, not just the delegates, should elect the Chairman. The election should be done through the mail prior to the convention so the Chair can use the convention to unify all Democrats. Mike agrees.

        1. whether the DPW chair is elected at the convention or by the entire membership…the fact that the DPW only has 15,000 dues paying members is ridiculous.

          1. What’s ridiculous is less than 600 people elected Mike Tate to a state wide office that pays 6 figures.

          2. Maybe the Democratic Party of Wisconsin needs to make sure it is relevant to the lives and positions of the people it would have as members. I know a great many people disappointed with the party who have left since 2010, and do not plan to renew membership until such a time as the party comes back to it’s base.

  3. So sad, just so sad.

    Walker will win again all because the Dems cannot remove their heads from their asses, dividing one another instead of collectively joining in against the enemy.

    Mike Tate cares about one person, Mike Tate. He is dividing the Dems as much as Walker has the state, what a dumb decision to say one thing and do another and basically hand the nomination over to Burke.

  4. Look I think we need to all need to stop beating up on Mike Tate. I really do not like the way some of his staff have acted childish in the past, but that was not Tate personally. Tate has been able to recruit good candidates in the past, some of them have won, some have lost. Wisconsin dems do lack a solid bench in the legislature and that makes Tate’s job more difficult. We do need to focus on fixing this for the future but winning the governors office in 2014 is the best place to focus for now.

    We do have a chance to win the governors election and I do believe he will work on behave of whoever wins the primary. It does sure look like Burke is his favorite, but at the end of the day the primary is where we choose who our candidate is. Tate has done a good job of hiring organizers all around the state for elections, he now has to work on using them more efficiently.

    We need to focus on winning the governors election. I would like the focus of the primary to go to where Burke, Vinehout, or another candidate stand on the issues, rather than where Mike Tate stands on the issues or handles the party. I believe we have a golden opportunity to make the case to the voter that Governor Walker is on the side of government intrusion in peoples personal life. I believe we will need a candidate that is for collective bargaining rights, for legalization of marijuana, pro gay marriage, pro gun, and pro choice to win the governors office.

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