The Capitol is Not Completely Closed

h/t Rock Netroots

Finally the Capitol is supposed to be open again, per the court order from months ago. While the access has been limited to most people, it has not been completely shut off. This story on JSonline:

The state’s largest business lobby is airing ads on the radio that tout the economic advantages of new mining legislation.

Trouble is, the bill hasn’t been introduced yet.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce has been running ads for nearly two weeks and calling the bill the “Jobs for Generations Act.”

Wow Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce are already spending much money running ads supporting a bill that has NOT been introduced. How would they know about a bill that was not even introduced yet? HMMMMMMMMMMM


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2 thoughts on “The Capitol is Not Completely Closed

  1. We have lots of conservative commenters on this site. Can one of them tell me how the WMC knows the name of this bill that hasn’t even become a bill yet, without the WMC’s “participation” in writing the bill?

    That said, I’m not necessarily against the expansion of mining in Wisconsin. I’ve yet to see the facts. Heck, I’ve yet to see the BILL! I AM against undue corporate influence at the expense of the citizens of the state and their desires. I don’t doubt, by dint of the evidence of the last six months, that Republican legislators will go forward with this bill, probably with the exact same name, because they seem unaware that others might look askance at their being in the pocket of the WMC.

  2. I would like that also Steven, but I fear we will hear nothing but crickets. Can you imagine what would happen if say WEAC was doing the same thing?

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