Joel Kleefisch passes off federal legislation & quotes as his own

What a moron.

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch really likes the so-called Working Families Flexibility Act passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this year.

Really, really likes the legislation and the press release associated with it — down to the very word.

The measure would permit employers to provide worker’s comp time in lieu of paid overtime if the two sides agree to such an arrangement in advance. The worker would be able to accrue up to 160 hours of comp time a year.

Not only did Kleefisch decide to introduce very similar legislation, which he is calling the Flexibility for Working Families Bill, in Wisconsin.

But he also decided to swipe quotes from three congressmen sponsoring the federal measure and to claim them as his own in a formal email to all members of the state Assembly and Senate.

As the story about Rep. Kleefisch’s plagiarism came to light, Ashlee Moore, a staffer in his office took one for the team and assumed blame for the incident, but this incident just confirms my suspicions that Rep. Kleefisch isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, so to speak.


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4 thoughts on “Joel Kleefisch passes off federal legislation & quotes as his own

  1. Nothing surprises me about the Republicans in Wisconsin anymore. Hopefully the population will catch on to what is happening like the people of Colorado.

  2. Now with how many politicians do you have to specify that you are speaking figuratively when you suggest they should eat crow.

    1. Been waiting for some talented artist to photoshop a pair of wild bird feet (maybe a feather or two) sticking out of JK’s mouth in that classic, bug-eyed photo of him over at Cog Dis. Sandhill crane, doves, crow feet.

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