Right-wing radio host Vicki McKenna flies off deep end on Twitter

Maybe it’s just me, but right-wing radio show host Vicki McKenna (@vickimckenna) seems to be an angry person.

After all, McKenna sent out a tweet earlier today thanking God that Wisconsin has the Castle Doctrine “so when leftists send stalkers to conservative womens’ houses we can SHOOT THEM.” I’ve included McKenna’s tweet below, but as you read McKenna’s tweet, keep in mind this is the same woman who was once arrested by UW-Madison police after becoming “verbally and physically combative” with officers.

See for yourselves:

Part of me wondered if McKenna’s tweet was a “drunk tweet,” but McKenna followed up her original tweet with a series of equally “interesting” tweets, so it’s pretty clear she meant what she wrote.


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31 thoughts on “Right-wing radio host Vicki McKenna flies off deep end on Twitter

  1. Considering that Left-wing websites have posted Vicki’s home address, I don’t think her tweet was an over-reaction. One Leftist site, TheDailyPage, run by Isthmus here in Madison, entertained a thread of pornographic fantasies involving Vicki by name. I objected and that spelled the beginning of the end for me writing for Isthmus. The lady has been physically accosted and stalked. Manufactured tales posted on the Internet and a 20-year-old misdemeanor mistake endlessly repeated by liberals like yourself while looking the other way at Zielinski’s multiple drunk driving arrests and Sly’s misogynistic rants.

    1. And Vicki did the same thing—with Dave’s help—to an unfortunate teacher in Middleton during the capitol occupation, by illegally playing a voicemail from the teacher over the airwaves of 1310 WIBA. The FCC’s preparing a consent decree in that particular escapade. So watch out for that pot/kettle dichotomy.

    2. David and the rest of you phony conservatives,

      why isn’t Vicky, Charlie, Belling and the rest of wingnut radio talking about Obama and both parties allowing Wall Street to “socialize” their risk onto the taxpayers?

      “Bank Of America Dumps $75 Trillion In Derivatives On U.S. Taxpayers With Federal Approval”


      To put $75 trillion in perspective, US GDP in 2012 was only around $16.5 trillion. Really conservative estimates of what we’ve blown in Iraq and Afghanistan are $6 trillion. Social Security’s trust fund is $2.3 trillion.

      Bank of America is just one corrupt Wall Street bank. No one knows what the total derivative exposure is, but I’ve seen estimates of $700 trillion.

      Gee, I don’t see that $75 trillion in RoJo’s little show. “Ron Johnson makes case for fiscal conservatism in road show at City Hall”


      Vicky and the rest of wingnut radio are on Wall Street’s payroll.

      1. If Vicky and the rest of wingnut radio are on Wall Street’s payroll she should be living in Maple Bluff or Chenequa, which she most assuredly is not. As for myself, I keep waiting for that check from the Koch Brothers. (Hint! Hint!) If we’re on someone’s payroll why don’t we ever see the pay?

        1. David, please, estimate Vicky’s net worth for us.

          Plenty of Dems take money from Wall Street.

          (1) Ask Vicky why she isn’t complaining about the lack of CRIMINAL prosecutions on Wall Street from Obama’s DOJ.

          “Why I let Wall Street Walk”


          (2) Why isn’t she screaming at Scott Walker and the GOP to END the job-killing-government-regulations against pot?

          (3) Why isn’t she screaming at Obama to close most of our foreign military bases?

          All three poll very well with REAL conservatives, because all three are really good ideas.

          Big Pharma, however, wants to sell synthetic pot. “CDC: 221 sickened by synthetic pot in Colorado” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/12/synthetic-pot-colorado/4005257/

          Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, and the rest of the criminal defense contractors don’t want to close any foreign bases.

          Please, call Vicki on her show and if it’s not the money they’re paying her, ask her why she refuses to talk about issues that REAL conservatives care about.

        2. No offense John Casper, I truly understand and appreciate your efforts but neither facts nor logic will ever register with the commenter you are addressing. I was just working on this for all of a minute and a half for David and I think this is more likely to make a point that actually might.

          Slightly OT, (couldn’t resist the ‘red,’ political meat)

          Jesus F**king Christ on a Crutch, Blaska, why don’t you just grow a pair and phone your object of desire and reserve a room for your cringe-worthy fantasy instead of insisting on bringing it in front of the rest of the state on this forum? Your OBSESSION with her and her, “fearful plight,” was duly noted 4 or 5 comments ago.

          Apparently ignored by her so far though, are your flatulent efforts here to attempt to defend her successfully, among we the everyday people who still have the ability to intelligently think and apply reason to social and political issues.

          Hard times for trolls these days, ana? I already sympathized with you and suggested the appropriate theme song for your predictable and now beyond tiresome whine in my first comment on this thread. Your entertainment value, here, has run its exceedingly short course, too.

          And though several of us have been more than obliging to help you earn your penny-a-word for the responses you generate here, not even a simple thank you for our generous efforts. Give a guy a bootstrap to pull on, and all you get is kicked.

          (Non-fiction, political satire, for my creative writing class)

  2. Ooouchy and ohhhh pllleeeaaazzz, VM’s home address published, horror of horrors, poor selective memory afflicted David has apparently forgotten the Republican shoved onto WI taxpayers, expense, of having the recall signers searchable, “blacklist,” created after taxpayers had to also financially support the verification of the recall petitions using only people who had not signed the recall (obviously the only non-partisan citizens to be trusted with the job) to dutifully reject 1 out of 10 petition signers for the winger’s cause.

    Selectively forgetting also, I bet, the reason for unlimited monetary contributions (criminal defense fund) to be available to the subject of a recall was to pay to defend oneself. But unfavorable press for the broadcastercastigator who made her own bed. Whaaa, whaaa.

    Have not looked lately, David, to see if you have a daily drive time, 3-hour radio show covering an important tri-state broadcast region, with sponsors willing to foot the costs for your “enlightened,” POVs. In your capitalism equals freedom world, it appears the cream rises to the top and that ain’t you, is it? Your shout-out for VM might buy you some favor, the Republican crony bootstraps way though. Theme song just for you, buddy…(caveat, no tears actually shed here).

  3. A few facts and some apparently accurate conjecture leaves you speechless, except for abusive name calling. Whatever, living up to expectations, again. I’m sure you’d agree, my identity is irrelevant to the facts I mentioned Dave (well then again, for you, maybe not).

    But, being the generous soul I am, and considering the celebration of the pagan solstice season before us, Dave, let me help you out with the idea behind my previous comment that may have gone over your head.

    You mentioned the word, “lefties,” being guilty of endangering someone’s personal safety and I am simply pointing out the FALSE EQUIVALENCY between your defense of a self-defined, “celebrity,” and the Republican driven outing of 10s of thousands of normal citizens, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and grandparents, working mothers, fathers and adult children, deliberately, to open or secret discrimination and/or fear of right-wing reprisals for engaging their civic responsibility in participatory democracy.

    That you castigate “lefties,” in general, and a couple particular celebrities for featuring the abrasive statements of a generously paid (last I was aware), self-engaged public figure, assuredly pursuing her chosen career and seeking public notoriety in that regard, the safety of one right-wing loudmouth antagonist does not equate in quantity or quality of the potential and likely real damage done to everyday private citizens participating in self-government under the present rights granted in our state constitution.

    I’ll send you a map to the high road as soon as I get it ready for publication.

    1. Almost forgot to claim credit and creative license for, “broadcastigator©.” Cheers to everyone for the nice weekend.

      1. Mr. Blaska,
        Unfortunately BB is not a forum where civil folks can exchange ideas and/or opinions without being attacked. Not because I say so, just read for ones self.
        Reality for BB is that Zach is wearing blue tinted sunglasses and posts things like the VM blog to instigate. Eh, it’s a free country. Another view, potentially opposing view is posted and the predictable less than admirable behavior begins. I’m not talking about you Mr. Blaska.
        How about an analogy? This is the BB litter box where like minded cats show up to relieve themselves. If a cat does otherwise, is driven from the litter box. The sad part is that the venom that is unleashed is of no value as it does not detour you or I, and in fact has driven away folks who may consider themselves as blue. Waukesha Wonk and EmmaR to name two. These voices of reason have been absent from BB as of recent by design, and for the reasons stated above. How sad is that?
        I must state however, that a minority of bloggers and readers here do conduct themselves admirably regardless of the issue or stance. I’m talking about you Ed H., and a few others.

        1. I-guy,

          You seem to be talking about me. Blaska made his original comment demeaning two people, and that wasn’t worth the response based upon the example of the recall blacklist which I used?

          Questioning a commenter’s statement by using an example of factual, “rightie,” behavioral reality to counter generalized demeaning insinuations about, “lefties,” is somehow not valid? Explain please.

          Not so veiled statements to seemingly incite gun violence and instill unwarranted fear of some fictional all-encompassing and “dangerous,” stereotypical lefties, made by a public, paid, right-wing operative who’s motto appears to be, “publicity, any self-serving publicity for me,” is fine by you? Inquiring minds want to know.

          Some straight forward, on topic questions for you.

          1. No sir, I was not talking about you. However, if the shoe fits wear it.
            What I was attempting to suggest, was civility by bloggers and readers. A simple enough concept. Jus’ look’in for a little morality in the world. I’ll keep try’in.

            1. Appreciate your responding I-guy. No offense intended, just seeking clarification I see publication of Vicki’s public tweets as valid material for discussion as it relates to the effects on state politics and divisiveness.

              We even get possible professional analysis from someone like ®Steve, who claims she actually is “nuts.” I was willing to settle on attention seeker for personal profit, but will defer to ®Steve’s superior insight or knowledge on this one. 😉

        2. Don’t let’s give the wild-eyed any delusions of grandeur that they can literally drive someone away. Perhaps Waukesha Wonk is doing as I am – waiting for the liberal savior candidate to declare and then assess whether there’s any real strategy and funding there. And waiting… waiting… still waiting… Meanwhile time is perhaps better spent researching Van Hollen’s background. Just a thought.

        3. Look, you’re commenting on a liberal blog. If you were looking for something other than viewpoints from a liberal perspective, then you’ve come to the wrong place. You act like you just realized Blogging Blue is a liberal blog and that’s somehow shocking to you.

          If things here have become so toxic for you, then perhaps you might want to visit the comments section of JSOnline.com, where you might find things a little more to your liking.

    2. The high road being, in your case, the road not taken. You’re not waiting to print that map, NonQuix, you’re still looking for it.

      How many of those recall petition signers were threatened with being “gutted like a deer,” as was Gov. Walker’s wife? That Vicki felt compelled to issue a statement that she is prepared to defend her safety should tell you something.

      1. I explained Vicki’s likely motivation to I-guy above, nuff said. What compels Vicki is certainly not a mystery, attention whoring for profit would be my reasoned guess. The example in the OP, Vicki used the pronoun WE. So you are attributing Vicki’s use of, “WE,” as representing some sort of multi-personality disorder for her?

        We saw the direct rigt-wing attacks on various judges, news reporters and others as a result of the black-list tactics by individuals and “professional,” fourth estate managers after the recall. A bit more insidious than idiots making, “gutting,” statements like you just quoted, would be the number of intact family values, public sector workers had their family lives gutted by Act 10.

        Tonette, well since taxpayers were footing the bill for a private State Trooper security detail that through a FOIA report last winter, discovered that expenses of over $100K a month, just for the OVERTIME PAY of the this detail almost exclusively for the Walkers, existed for the first six months of 2012 and I presume still exists, I’d say worries about her personal safety would be vastly exaggerated and wholly non-existent.

        Any more ad hominems or straw-man arguments up your sleeve?

        1. I wonder if you’d take the same cavalier attitude toward threats on the President’s life. Do I need to point out that Vicki does not have a security detail; only her 2nd Amendment, state-permitted concealed carry weapon. Let’s point out that Mr. Wisniewski started this by disparaging Vicki as somehow being irrational in wanting to defend herself against what I know to be very real threats. Let’s also note that John Anderson was separated from WIBA radio and his one-time partner, Vicki McKenna, for good reason.

          1. More diversion from the VM statement in the OP, it figures. VM is calling for any woman who is the least bit fearful to immediately resort to, “legal,” gun violence. Fear mongering and irresponsible public statements from a known walking talking, sewermouth of right-wing lunatic fringe hate speech, should be landing her in jail. Certain protection from those, “evil lefties,” for her behind bars, wouldn’t you agree?

            None of that tweet is, “necessary,” for her to “protect herself,” as you put it, if she somehow does actually feel threatened. Unlike the former working families now living in cars or tripling up with other families to “afford,” a place to get their children out of the cold and snow, Vicki could just STFU and hire a security detail. Incitement of others to hate and fear and violence keeps VM safer how?

            Talk about personal danger or safety with the working poor or people formerly able to afford a semi-safe living arrangement until the right wing fascists began gutting the state economy on the backs of regular citizens for the benefit of already profitable businesses and for-profit schools who have not created a single job with all the, “certainty,” they got with increased tax breaks and other incentive$ from the State regime. A safe home, food, health care or security now beyond the reach of so many more under Walker’s “jobs,” programs. 36 cronies appointed to head state agencies formerly successfully run by dedicated civil servants doing the jobs better at much reduced costs to tax-payers are the only jobs I’ve seen created.

            But go ahead and continue with your pathetic fact free partisan whining about it, Dave. Obviously, that is all you have going for you. You’ve overwhelming proven there is nothing defensible about VM’s public tweets calling for gun violence by others against her fictitious lefty demons. Wholly reinforced by your inability to produce one valid point in your defense of a poor, poor pitiful self-professed right wing “victim” such as VM, as Nancy Pelosi told the other Obot psuedo-Dems, “embrace the [your and Vicki’s] suck.”

            1. Do you eat with that mouth? Because it is obvious you don’t think with that brain. You are on record here saying that women who feel personally threatened should not be able to defend themselves. That is just shameful.

              I’ll leave aside your indictment of the Obama economy (Wisconsin’s is doing much better than the national average) to address only one of your fallacies: “You’ve overwhelming proven there is nothing defensible about VM’s public tweets calling for gun violence by others against her fictitious lefty demons.” You do know that Milwaukee County has prosecuted death threats v. Vicki McKenna, or don’t you?

              1. Your reading comprehension failings are not my problem David. There are likely several remedial reading classes for, “adults,” somewhere in your neighborhood. You may want to look into anger management while you are at it. Just a friendly holiday suggestion for a better world for all of the rest of us.

                And because I generally try to find places to agree with others on the blogs, yes, Wisconsin was first in the nation last week with the highest first-time jobless claims. Glad you mentioned it and also reminded everyone reading here.

                Any other FACTS you need?

  4. Right on. It serves as a good reminder that we are allowed to defend ourselves and neutralize threats if we so choose. She is living in the socialist peoples republic of Madison were the never ending temper tantrum continues and is the target of many threats. She’s nuts, and loves guns. I’d move the violent drum circle elsewhere.

      1. Calm down, liberals. Nobody hates teachers or public employees. Requiring them to pay a little something toward their defined benefit pensions is not hatred. Repealing the collective bargaining privilege for fringe benefits is not hatred (Or does Barack Obama hate federal employees?) No one has threatened them with bodily harm (unlike Vicki, and Gov. Walker’s wife and children). Posing for holy pictures on Sandy Hook doesn’t help one single teacher here or there. Nor does your name calling. Take a breath. In fact, we trust and value teachers enough that they ought to be able to defend themselves and their students instead of hiding in closets. If they choose, if they have taken the necessary coursework and passed the background checks. We trust the teachers, not the mad men. Do you?

  5. So Miss Vicki, the QUEEN of HATRED in Wisconsin has had death threats against her??? Who would have thunk it? Someone who spews HATRED towards public employees, teachers, 24/7 across Wisconsin airwaves, herself is a target of threats? What a shocker!! Actually to answer Mr. Blaska’s question, many, many teachers have been the targets of HATRED drummed up by the likes of Miss Vicki and the right wing attack machine that David is a valuable member of; teachers who have had crazed Rethuglican wingnutz come to their homes to threaten to kill them and their families, numerous teachers across Wisconsin in grocery stores, shopping mall parking lots, just trying to live their lives ….confronted by hateful Rethuglican wingnutz calling them “moochers, fat pigs, idiots, union thugs” all for the crime of pasting a Penzey’s “Love Teachers” bumper sticker on their cars.

    Remember David, on this anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings, Wisconsin is the only state in America where the anti-teacher rantings by the likes of YOU, Miss Vicki, and your ilk have drummed up the HATRED for all teachers that a resolution commemorating the victims of Sandy Hook was defeated by Republicans. Shameful.

  6. Calm down, liberals. Nobody hates teachers or public employees. Requiring them to pay a little something toward their defined benefit pensions is not hatred. Repealing the collective bargaining privilege for fringe benefits is not hatred (Or does Barack Obama hate federal employees?) No one has threatened them with bodily harm (unlike Vicki, and Gov. Walker’s wife and children). Posing for holy pictures on Sandy Hook doesn’t help one single teacher here or there. Nor does your name calling. Take a breath. In fact, we trust and value teachers enough that they ought to be able to defend themselves and their students instead of hiding in closets. If they choose, if they have taken the necessary coursework and passed the background checks. We trust the teachers, not the mad men. Do you?

  7. David-do you ever get tired of spouting incessant LIES?? Hundreds of teachers have been threatened with violence by angry Wisconsinites during the last three years. Crazed right wing nut jobs have appeared at the doors of teachers active in the recall efforts, to harass them, and threaten them. You Tube is filled with angry Rethuglicans confronting recall petition collectors with threats of violence and threats to kill them.

    The majority of Wisconsinites who support Governor Walker have a deep HATRED for all Wisconsin teachers. Little wonder why thousands of teachers across Wisconsin have either retired or have fled Wisconsin for places where teachers are respected, not hated. Little wonder why school districts are finding it difficult to hire math, science, special education, and technical education teachers as enrollment in college education programs has dropped by up to 80% in these STEM areas following 3 years of 24/7 anti-teacher hatred by YOU and your ilk.

    It is not meaningless, but rather SAD that there is SO much HATRED for teachers among Republicans in Wisconsin that Wisconsin is the ONLY state in America where the Republicans blocked a state resolution honoring the 26 victims at Sandy Hook.

    Small wonder that one of the purveyors of the HATRED that has consumed Wisconsin, Miss Vicki McKenna, would herself feel threatened by the overwhelming hatred for others, especially teachers, that now DEFINES Wisconsin. To paraphrase Lincoln, “A state divided against itself cannot stand”. Or succeed.

    It must be fun for citizens in all of Wisconsin’s border states, especially Minnesota, to watch Wisconsin’s economy spiral downward as their economies skyrocket. Oh, David, the destructive power of HATRED has shown it’s vengeance on Wisconsin. Peace.

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