Outstanding Ignoramus of the Month.

This month’s award recognizing an outstanding achievement in rank ignorance is given to state Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton). 

Loudenbeck, in response to a bill put forth by state Rep Melissa Sargent which would allow individual counties access to federal Affordable Care Act money to expand Medicaid for their respective residents, said she needs to see what financial obligations Wisconsin counties would have to assume before she commented further on the bill.

Well then, Ms. Loudenbeck, have one of your staffers pick up the telephone and call the Wisconsin Counties Association. They passed a resolution four months ago, in the words of the Associated Press: “ reaffirming its longstanding position that the state ought to accept federal money to pay for Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. ”

I’m sure they’d be happy to fill you in, Rep Loudenbeck, and a side benefit is that you’ll be less likely to be in the running for next months award.


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2 thoughts on “Outstanding Ignoramus of the Month.

  1. SC,
    The ignoramus of the month is off the mark in this case. Sargent puts forth a bill, seems reasonable for Loudenbeck (and others) to review and understand it before commenting and ultimately voting on it. Whether or not the WCA or PTA passes a resolution is of no consequence. Let’s shut down GTAC rather than piddle with this stuff. ??

  2. IG,

    A state Rep should certainly know where the WCA stands on an issue like this and should also view the resolution as evidence that counties have thought it through. She’s an ignoramus.

    And yes, I did have to use the word “masturbating” in a song. It was just the right word at just the right time. Glad you think the record is at least “decent .”

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