Scott Walker’s doing a heck of a lot of “legal compliance”

For a guy who has absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to the ongoing “John Doe 2” investigation, Republican Gov. Scott Walker sure is forking over a lot of money for legal compliance.

Gov. Scott Walker raised more than $5 million in the last half of 2013 — nearly triple what his Democratic opponent raised — and directed more than $86,000 of that to defense attorneys, according to a Friday filing with state election officials.

The disclosure of the payment to the Mequon-based Biskupic & Jacobs law firm came a day after information spilled out in court records about a secret John Doe investigation into campaign fundraising and spending surrounding Wisconsin’s recent recall elections.

The payments — labeled as “legal fees — compliance/administrative” — were paid to a firm headed by former U.S. Attorneys Steven Biskupic and Michelle Jacobs. The firm received payments monthly from July to November, with the largest one — nearly $74,000 — coming in November.

Given Gov. Walker’s proclivity for surrounding himself with staffers/aides possessing questionable morals and ethics, not a single soul should be surprised that he’s needed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay lawyers for “compliance” with the John Doe investigations.

As I’ve written before, I’ve long believed you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, and in Scott Walker’s case, the company he has kept involves more than a few convicted criminals.


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10 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s doing a heck of a lot of “legal compliance”

  1. Yeah Zach,you can tell a lot by the company one keeps. BTW, you’re not hiding anything I hope. 😉

    As for my judging a person, I use the old “If it looks like a duck,…” test to determine their character with one exception: “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but needs batteries, you have the wrong abstraction.”

  2. Just the world we live in. Politial party doens’t matter. They all do it.
    Company kept talk is meaningless.

    1. “Company kept is meaningless.”

      Wrong again. No one is claiming an absolute “guilt by association” but it may be the only indicator available of a person’s character or proclivities.

      I for one am glad that I never worked in Governor Christie’s or Walker’s office. Those John Doe investigations can lead to a lengthy stay in the “iron motel.”

      1. The point is if a person were to wade into the pool of “company kept” accusations back and forth, left and right would be endless, subjective and self-serving. That is especially true in politics. It is meaningless to me. Suit yourself.

        1. Apparently the thing that you’re ” independent of” is reality.

          When you continue to hire criminals, when you continue to hang with money-launderers and paid liars, and when you continue to make moves that contribute to the revolving door of corruption that has gone to a whole different level in the last 3 years, there becomes one obvious conclusion. That Gov Walker welcomes criminals and corruption.

          TICK TOCK TICK TOCK…..

          1. Sounds like you are describing the POTUS, Bush or the Clintons, but I digress.
            The point stands. Company kept goes both ways and is useless psychobabble. Suit yourself.

            1. ig,

              Walker won’t criticize Obama for not prosecuting Wall Street for crashing the economy in 2008, because he Wall Street funds him.

              Walker won’t support pot legalization, because he wants more money from Big Pharma.

              Walker won’t criticize Obama on foreign occupations or national security, because he wants money from the defense contractors and Big Data.

              That’s why Sykes and the rest keep feeding you “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.” They have to look for some issue that doesn’t step on the oligarchs.

              Collective bargaining is the ONLY tool the 99% have against the 1%. That’s why the oligarchs love Walker. Obama’s doing his part by backing the Trans Pacific Partnership. That’s another thing you’ll never hear Walker complain about.

              Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…..

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