So Who’s Gonna Pay The Bill?

So we keep hearing about the secret computer network in the county executive’s office while Governor Walker was hunkered down there. And we keep hearing about how the staff was using personal laptop computers to access personal email accounts to avoid or evade open records laws. Well…all those things used electricity that I paid for…where should the county send the bill?


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3 thoughts on “So Who’s Gonna Pay The Bill?

  1. Ed, really nice catch.

    I don’t think a router pulls a lot of amps, but it would be nice if someone would estimate.

    Another issue might be the County’s insurance policy. Since Walker didn’t tell them, did that effectively remove or reduce the County’s coverage?

  2. Well it’s more than just the router…I imagine they plugged the lap tops in too…and of course there’s the issue of the phone line or network hook up. All of that is on my dime as well.

  3. Milwaukee County should be reimbursed for all that county staff time spent on campaigning.

    [a notion I first saw over at James Rowen’s blog, Political Environment].

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