Wisconsin GOP fires convicted sex offender who was a paid staffer

Well this is just…..wow.

Records show that the state Republican Party has had on its payroll for the last couple of years a staffer with a felony count of possessing child pornography. 

Alexander Combs, a former counselor at a Mukwonago co-ed camp, was hired by the state party to work in its Madison headquarters as a part-time fundraiser in March 2011, just one year after his felony conviction. He has been paid a little more than $41,000 by the party since landing the job, say campaign records.

Combs, 27, pleaded guilty in 2010 to downloading sexually explicit images of girls as young as 9 years old and engaging in online conversations with people who identified themselves as minor females. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years’ probation. He is a registered sex offender until 2028.

Contacted Tuesday, the head of the state Republican Party said he had no knowledge of Combs’ criminal record. Combs was fired less than an hour later.

I suppose I should be surprised that the Republican Party of Wisconsin employed a convicted sex offender for over two years, but I’m not, because nothing (no matter how bizarre) surprises me when it comes to who Republicans choose to employ – or use as props, in the case of the sex offender Gov. Scott Walker gave a “shout-out” to at the State of the State address.


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3 thoughts on “Wisconsin GOP fires convicted sex offender who was a paid staffer

  1. So the background checks for WI-GOP employees begins and ends with “Did this person sign the recall petition?”, eh?

  2. So have either of these gentlemen re-offended since their convictions? Did they pay their debt to society? Are they trying to be productive citizens at this point? Unless either of them lied about their criminal backgrounds to get their jobs…they shouldn’t lose them at this point. Even if the GOP did a background check, was Mr. Combs in a position that he shouldn’t be per his place on the sex registry?

    1. If they did the time for their crime and are rehabilitated and/or being closely monitored, I’m in favor cf restoring them as a useful member of society without regard to political affiliation. It’s a tough call, but everyone deserves a second chance if truly repentant and trying.

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