Governor Scott Walker and John Doe I

An interesting thing happened on the way from John Doe I to John Doe II. Conservative bloggers and Governor Walker apologists continue to state that John Doe I exonerated the governor! HUH?

Exonerate generally means to free someone from blame or fault or that someone convicted of a crime is proven to be innocent. I don’t remember any statements coming out of the first John Doe positively stating that Governor Walker was free of blame or was wrongly accused of anything…when he simply WASN’T accused of anything. So he wasn’t exonerated…the John Doe may have found nothing that was prosecutable or nothing untoward on the governor’s part…but he wasn’t exonerated…that’s not usually a function of a secret John Doe investigation.

from the media:

Milwaukee County prosecutors closed the first John Doe probe without bringing charges against anyone in Walker’s current administration

btw: the release of Ms. Rindfleisch’s emails should prove interesting.


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