A few thoughts on Rep. Bill Kramer’s “least surprising headline ever”

It’s been alleged Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer (pictured, left) hugged and touched the breasts of a legislative staffer at a social event following a Washington, D.C. fundraiser for the Republican Party last week. If the allegations are true, then Bill Kramer didn’t just engage in sexual harassment – he committed sexual assault.

Keep that in mind while you digest the fact that this is the man who was hand-picked by Republicans to serve as the Assembly Majority Leader, a position with a great amount of power in the Assembly. As noted by the Journal Sentinel, the majority leader typically schedules bills for floor votes, helps run proceedings and usually plays a crucial role in political campaigns, so it’s not a ceremonial position without any power – it’s a position with a great deal of power.

What’s more, these most recent allegations may not be the only time Rep. Kramer has engaged in inappropriate behavior. After all, a source told right-wing squawk radio host Charlie Sykes that the revelations about Rep. Kramer’s alleged behavior constituted “the least surprising headline ever.” So here’s one more thing to ponder: if these recent revelations were “the least surprising headline ever,” then why in the world did Republicans in the Assembly vote to make Bill Kramer their majority leader, and what does it say about the collective judgment of Assembly Republicans that Kramer is the man they felt could serve most capably as their majority leader?


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