Ummm Everyone Who Voted For Newt

You might want to see this! H/T Democurmudgeon: this is too good to not share!

For everyone who complains that “Obamacare” is government takeover of healthcare(yes I am speaking to you South Carolina primary voters), and to everyone who complained about the “mandate” (yes I am speaking to all of you who were at the we love Scott Walker pep rally) well we found someone who fully agrees with the health insurance mandate(Oops):

Meet Mr. Newt Gingrich:


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1 thought on “Ummm Everyone Who Voted For Newt

  1. Newt suffers from megalomania. The old name for this condition was narcissistic personality disorder. It can be a characteristic of a power drunk dictator. Seems there is a lot of that going around these days.

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