Richards campaign releases statement on Wiscosnin DOJ negligence involving sex predators

Following a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that noted that the Wisconsin Department of Justice took years to act on detailed and credible tips about online child pornography that had been referred by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in at least two cases, Democratic Attorney General candidate Jon Richards issued a statement criticizing the long delays in prosecution.

Wisconsin Attorney General candidate Jon Richards issued the following statement in response to the recent report that the Wisconsin Department of Justice took years to act on some child pornography cases.

“I was sorely disappointed to read the media reports of negligence in the Department of Justice which put children in harm’s way. While this Attorney General and his allies have talked a tough game against internet predators, they have failed to deliver on their promises to keep Wisconsin’s children and families safe.

“Transferring employees around now because the media is asking tough questions is just another example of refusing to take responsibility. The problem here is clearly at the top.

“Unfortunately, AG Van Hollen’s hand-picked successor Brad Schimel only promises more of the same. But both AG Van Hollen and Brad Schimel have the wrong priorities for the future of Wisconsin.

“Under my leadership, the Department of Justice will change.

“I will put the people of Wisconsin first. Wisconsin needs an Attorney General who will be the people’s lawyer; someone who will stand up for middle-class families, protect children from sex predators, keep our roads safe and actually prioritize public safety instead of just offering empty promises.”


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