Milwaukee County Board overrides Abele veto of unenforceable resolution

This makes absolutely no sense to me.

On Thursday, supervisors overrode a veto by County Executive Chris Abele of a resolution demanding that he work out an agreement with the city to have the county take over the regulation. This, despite the fact that state law gives that authority only to municipalities, not counties.

Here’s what an attorney for the Wisconsin Legislative Council had to say in February when state Rep. Dale Kooyenga asked whether counties could provide this kind of regulation: “A county may not enact an ordinance regulating or licensing taxicabs because: 1) counties lack express statutory authority to do so; and 2) such an ordinance would conflict with the Legislature’s delegation of this authority to cities, villages and towns.” County and city attorneys had earlier offered similar takes.

So to recap, attorneys for the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, and the Wisconsin Legislative Council have all said the county cannot take over taxicab regulation, but despite the opinions of those attorneys, the County Board wants County Executive Abele to plug ahead with negotiations that cannot result in a takeover of taxicab regulation by Milwaukee County.

Because apparently the members of the County Board know more about state law than attorneys for three different levels of government.


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