What have Republicans in the legislature done this week?

Here’s a little recap of what Republicans in the Legislature have done this week.

  • Voted to get more money for their campaigns from lobbyists while they’re still in session.
  • Passed a bill to make it harder for Wisconsinites to vote.
  • Voted against military veterans and cancer patients.

Yep, it sure was a busy week for Republicans in the Legislature, and a bad week for those of us who cherish those values that made Wisconsin such a great place to live.


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6 thoughts on “What have Republicans in the legislature done this week?

  1. Just a usual week. Let’s see they voted 51 times to get rid if Obama care. They voted noon a veterans bill, voted noonunemployment insurance and today vited to bring a law suit against Obama bcause well they just don’t like what he is doing. All an all justvanother do nothing Republican week. Business as usual.

  2. I saw a comment this morning on the WSJ story about the Burke-Walker poll that suggested the poll’s results would blindside state Republicans. I can’t decide whether the commenter is correct that they’d behave more moderately if they had realized the race is this close or if it’s that they do realize it and are scrambling to win.

    1. The more public exposure Mary Burke gets-good or bad-the better at this point. The Walker camp is so dirty that anything they say about Burke will just be considered as politics as usual and add to her name recognition. To his credit, Walker sees the overkill by his donors and is trying to add some positive impressions by ribbon cuttings, public speaking and mental health legislation. Burke should take note and do likewise.

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