Is 11 The Lucky Number?

Last year when Act 14 was being debated across the breadth and width of Milwaukee County and the SanFelipans were agitating for a smaller Milwaukee County Board because it didn’t take 18 people to run the county…but whoops…when just one aspect of county governance is removed from local control by the state legislature…well it apparently will take 11 individuals to run Milwaukee County’s Mental Health organization! Not 5 or 7 or 9…but 11! What’s up with that?


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2 thoughts on “Is 11 The Lucky Number?

  1. The board is 11 people for at least 2 reasons:

    1) The numbers were a result of a compromise to more equally balance SKW’s nominee’s/power with other members of the board.

    2) It also allows a composition of a variety of people. These include a psychiatrist, administrators, other professionals, some of which government appointees. Most importantly it includes 2 patient advocates ( who are consumers of mental health services (or have had personal experienced) with mental health services.) This provides a broad, eyes open, perspective.

  2. The original board count was actually going to be 13…and although it promises to provide a broad, eyes open, perspective…we might eventually find even 11 unwieldy. But it is rather interesting to watch how and when numbers seem to matter in Madison.

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