Rasmussen Poll Has Gubernatorial Race Tied:

From the email in box tonight…this little note from Mary Burke’s campaign:


I have some exciting news to share with you.

Just yesterday, a new Rasmussen poll announced we’re both polling at 45 percent. Thanks to your support, we’ve closed the gap and we’re in a dead heat now.

This news comes as the D.C.-based Republican Governors Association and Scott Walker are in the midst of a $1 million ad blitz attacking me.

But, out on the campaign trail, I can feel the positive energy. We have real momentum. Across the state, I hear that Wisconsinites are ready for a governor who will put politics aside and focus on solving problems. But to win this race, I need your help.

Will you contribute $5 to our campaign now? Your donation will help us build our resources and spread our message across the state.

Your grassroots support is what makes this campaign so special – and it’s how we will win in November.

Contribute $5 now so we can turn our strong start into victory.

Thanks so much for supporting this campaign.

Lets get to work, together.



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9 thoughts on “Rasmussen Poll Has Gubernatorial Race Tied:

  1. Team Burke,”putting politics aside and focusing on solving problems,” will be fine if and when they win the election. Walker losing ground and Team Burke claiming they’ve, “closed the gap,” is ludicrous.

    They still need to say something to get people out to vote and they are not doing so at all.


    Mr Leon has closed with the same sentiment twice in the last few days.

  2. Ed, you should have included the link to the Mary Burke donation opportunity. http://www.burkeforwisconsin.com.

    NC, do you always have to obsess with the negative? Mary Burke, by allowing the Walker-Koch-Republicans to glut the public with negative ads, is gaining name recognition and remaining positive–although refuting actual lies. She hopes to increase voter turnout by renewing faith in the vaunted history of Wisconsin progressive politics and real job creation through Wisconsin bred companies like Trek.

    1. Those inclined to contribute to Ms. Burke’s campaign can certainly find out how to do that!

      1. Those inclined to contribute to Ms. Burke’s campaign can certainly find out how to do that!

        No offense intended, ED. Just a rule of thumb from media marketing.

        Denigrating my attitude does nothing to change the reality that I expressed though, does it?

        Peace, NC.

        1. “Denigrating my attitude does nothing to change the reality that I expressed though, does it?”

          Probably not any more than telling the author what to do…

  3. Appreciate your opinion Cat. If my view about the reality of the situation appears to be negative to you, there is nothing I can do about that. Denigrating my attitude does nothing to change the reality that I expressed though, does it? Can we argue the topic without personality attacks? Thanks so very much.

    As I said, Walker losing ground in a poll (and why not?) says nothing about Team Burke making any progress or doing anything better than where they started in the polls, where a lump of coal stood almost equal chances of beating Walker.

    I am not alone in my assessment. Check out Blue Cheddar and MAL’s most recent post that was not up when I posted this morning.



    Have a nice weekend.

  4. It gives me no pleasure to inform readers that this race is over.

    Few in northern and central Wisconsin even know the name of Mary Burke or the significance of John Doe. Gannett newspapers dominate the area, and local broadcast ‘news’ is predictable. Burke is not retail campaigning up there, you know.

    Cancer treatment, veterans, voting rights? And Burke’s people can’t even a write a quick PR or do a quick interview. Toss out a 20-word quote?

    Personally, if I want Burks’s kind of dynamic politics and her idea of public service, I’ll go watch the big snow banks melt—more exciting, illuminating and useful.

  5. John Nichols commented yesterday (Friday, 3/14) during his segment with ‘Sly,’on Burke’s appearance with Chris Hayes, All In, MSNBC interview.

    People might want to check that out when the podcast gets posted next week. JN was not a bit excited about Burke’s message.

  6. Yeah, MAL, Ms. Burke is no supernova or even a fizzling firecracker at this stage of the campaign.

    And, actually, I have been watching “big snow banks melt” this past week in western Wisconsin finding the meltdown, just as you speculated is, “more exciting, illuminating and useful” than Burke and her people’s political pandering of the electorate, or lack thereof; however, I’m thinking ahead to my Spring vegetable garden rather than a Fall gubernatorial election.

    MAL, there is still plenty of time for Burke to show her stuff. Also, we await the results from the son of Doe investigation, the court decisions on Walker’s approval of voter fraud phoney legislation with its racist overtones, attempt to disenfranchise the elderly and impoverished, and finally to discourage rather than encourage voter turnout based upon Alec’s model.

    So I am prayerful and hopeful. History and evolution tells us that the good will eventually triumph over the bad in the species in order to perpetuate it. Walker is but an aberration or test by that which is bad in the advancement of the species, at least in Wisconsin.

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