Matt Damon – Behind the Scenes

A quick follow up to yesterday\'s post regarding Matt Damons speech to the Save Our Schools Rally. This little video surfaced of a behind the scene interview by a reporter from Reason TV a ” so called” libertarian channel. Here she tries to impart right wing “logic” on to Matt Damon and gets shot down instantly:

Bravo Mr. Matt Damon for blowing holes in her ridiculous story line and standing up for teachers and the education of our country!

Also on a side not but still related: The Capitol Times has a story about the Wisconsin teachers who attended the rally being treated as rock stars!

Wearing their brightly colored Stand With Wisconsin T-shirts, they got a near constant barrage of comments from tourists as well as fellow educators regarding the protests that rocked Madison in February and March over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget cuts and the loss of collective bargaining rights for public employees. According to Anderson, most were enthusiastically supportive.

Along with a couple hundred other Wisconsin educators attending the rally, they also found themselves on the receiving end of national and international media interview requests, including from Al Jazeera English television and from ReasonTV, a libertarian group.

Stories on local Washington television and on The Huffington Post mentioned or included comments from Wisconsin teachers. But it was the reaction of rally participants and Washington tourists, including some from foreign countries, that surprised the Wisconsin group the most.

“We were completely unprepared for how many people were very aware of what happened last spring in Wisconsin,” says Anderson, a high school social studies teacher. She says the Wisconsin teachers heard, over and over again, how the massive, non-violent Madison protests had inspired others.

Bravo to the educators of Wisconsin you truly are rock stars!


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