Wisconsin Dems Scale Back on Conventions

Well so far today I have gotten emails saying the 4th Congressional District Democratic Convention has been canceled. I was scheduled to attend on March 28 2020. I knew at minimum that they would have to move it since it was scheduled for a Milwaukee County facility that has been closed. So no 4th CD convention.

And then 20 minutes later, an email from the state party scaling back the state convention from two to one day. And saying that they are considering moving it from an in person convention to a virtual one but that decision is still a month off:

Additionally, to make sure we all stay safe, healthy, and to follow the guidance from health officials, last night the Administrative Committee made the hard decision to cancel all Congressional District Conventions and to give Chair Wikler the decision power to limit our State Convention to either a limited one-day in-person convention on Friday, June 12th or have a virtual State Convention. This decision will be made by May 1st. The Administrative Committee also voted to limit the business of State Convention to include ONLY limited speeches/reports and the election of DNC Members. 

This means the following would be removed from this year’s State Convention:

Extensive speaking program

Caucus meetings

Platform & Resolutions debate & vote

Consideration of constitutional changes

Thank goodness we’ll dump the platform and resolutions debate…gawd is that a futile exercise in political nerdism.

But this little pandemic is taking all of the fun out of my last year as a political activist.


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