Former Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan to announce State Senate candidacy

According to a report on former Democratic Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly Mike Sheridan will officially announce his candidacy tomorrow for the seat in State Senate District 15.

Sheridan formerly represented the 44th Assembly District from 2005-2010 before he was defeated for reelection in a wave year for Republicans.

Sheridan is the third Democrat to enter the race to succeed retiring State Sen. Tim Cullen, as Janesville resident Austin Scieszinski and Democratic State Rep. Janis Ringhand have already registered as candidates.


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2 thoughts on “Former Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan to announce State Senate candidacy

  1. I really do not want Mike Sheridan back. The Democrats should have taken up Glenn Grothman’s proposal to eliminate Pay Day Loans. I don’t care who is sleeping with who but that reform was not much of a reform to pay day loans and was a clear give away to the pay day loan lobbyists.

    The democrats should have ousted Mike Sheridan from being speaker of the assembly, instead the caucus embarrassed him. Then 2010 happened and Mike Sheridan lost a safe seat including a lot with him. He just is too close to lobbyists and if Democrats voted for him in a primary he could easily lose the State Senate Seat.

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