The New World Horror – Forward w/ Kurt Baron and Meeting a Goal!

As some of you may know we are making a horror movie called The New World Horror.    It’s got Tea Party Zombies! It’s got Demons!  It’s got Blobs!  It’s got Patriots!

  • Through our IndieGoGo campaign and our Fundraiser at the High Noon Saloon, we have officially raised over $1000 in the first week of going live with our fundraising efforts.  This is HUGE for us and a goal we tried very hard to achieve!  Thanks so much to all of you who have contributed your time or money or both. Thanks to Zach for graciously posting IGG on the homepage of this very website!
  • Of course, we’re far from over.   If you haven’t already, consider being a part of this kick ass thing we’re doing.   For as little as $5 you can be a “blood donor” which means the more “blood donors” we have, the more blood will be in the movie.   There’s also a $75 perk that lets you choose a Tea Party slogan that we will put on a Tea Party sign (misspelled) in the movie.  Of course, there’s other shit to.  Check it out if you want by clicking here.
  • Producer/Art Director Fernanda Loaiza-Renfro & myself visited Forward with Kurt Baron to discuss the movie, why Fern doesn’t like the look of Steven Spielberg’s face and why the movie Alligator is one of the best horror movies ever made.  If you’d like to listen to the podcast, click here.
  • That’s about it.  Here’s our trailer:  (This is Joe McCarthy real tombstone-Shivers) – Thanks again!


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