It’s Time for Brett Hulsey to Fold Up His Tent

I thought he’d just be a little bit of a side show for a week and everyone would just forget about him. But he’s turned into a first class clown and it’s time he folded his tent and just went home. We certainly don’t need the distraction.

From Mike Tate, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

MADISON — Following is a comment from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Brett Hulsey’s offensive behavior.

“We may disagree with the policies of this Republican Party, but this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and grossly inappropriate.”


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10 thoughts on “It’s Time for Brett Hulsey to Fold Up His Tent

  1. Way to give the clown his own space on this blog. Exactly what he wants I’d imagine.

    1. He is getting far more mainstream press than is warranted…the few eyes that read this aren’t going to mean diddly to him. On the other hand it would be totally wrong to ignore something this blatantly stupid from a Democrat when I find fault with Republicans who are doing the same thing. Silence in this case would make me complicit with his activities.

  2. What do you mean “turned into” a clown. He has been for a few years now, and it was why he was primaried out of his Assembly seat this year.

    But the fool has a purpose too, and while Hulsey’s a dope and often goes to stupid extremes and stunts, it doesn’t mean there’s not a point buried in there that can be dug up later. And used a lot more tactfully by someone a lot more qualified for office.

    1. Jake’s right; Hulsey has been a clown for years.

      At the height of the protests surrounding Act 10, it was often said the most dangerous place in the state to be was between Brett Hulsey and a television camera, and this latest incident from him bears that out.

  3. Brett Hulsey spoke at the 6th CD convention last Sunday in Oshkosh. I had never met or heard him speak before. He gave a great speech that any Progressive/Democrat could support. However, as far as I can tell the Progressives/Democrats don’t like him. Many people are treating Hulsey like he is a mass murderer or worse. Now there is a competitive race for Governor which most people wanted all along. But Hulsey is attacked for having the audacity to challenge Mary Burke. He has a strong message and knows how to get headlines. Everything he advocates is exactly what Democrats and Progressives have been asking for. By dismissing him they are rejecting his tactics and his ideas at the same time. There is a strategy here that may or may not work. The strategies employed by the Democrats in past elections have failed. Hulsey has the guts to try to “shock” people into listening to his message. Time will tell if his strategy works. However, it is every bit as brazen on the part of the Democrats to tell Hulsey he should drop out of the race as it is for Hulsey to pass out hoods at the Republican convention.

  4. Like him or not, he’s exercising his right to free speech that the Solidarity Singers stood their ground for and are still taking legal heat for. I’m disturbed by the DPW taking an official stand against his tactics and therefore his message at the same time.

    If DPW and Team Burke had any sense of what they needed to do to GOTV in numbers large enough to oust Walker they’d be echoing Hulsey’s message 24/7, but don’t anticipate that happening, ever. We’ll see if he collects enough nomination signatures soon enough.

    I liked this quote at Blue Cheddar, but didn’t agree with the outright denunciation of Hulsey’s stunt as a shitshow, if I understood that comment correctly. I also give Brett some credit here that this is not just about his ego. He’s genuinely running against Walker and the damage the right wing legislative majority has perpetrated on the state, which I believe he honestly cares very much about.

    The asshole-ish mainstream press never shows up for events organized by dozens of community groups but a side show like this? THEY ARE ON IT.

    And under standard operating procedure the press ignored the list of bills Walker and the Teapublican legislature passed which Hulsey said attack “the rights and pay of minorities, women, and children”. —

    If nothing else he just forced the media to mumble Mary Burke’s name a few times instead of letting them continually repeat the overused meme of how, “unknown,” a candidate she is.

  5. I agree with Ed on this one. If progressive can’t find a stable candidate to carry the message we’re better off without a primary. Nobody wanted Kathleen Vinehout to run more than me, but she isn’t. And Brett Hulsey isn’t a good stand-in. And for those who want to see Hulsey continue just to make Mike Tate squirm, well, God help us all then.


    Daniel Bice in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said he was informed by Vos last year that Hulsey wanted to switch teams and join the Republican caucus.

    Barca said it was his understanding that Hulsey even set conditions for what he would want to join the GOP reps. Vos eventually dismissed the request, according to Barca.

    “I didn’t want him in my caucus, either,” said Barca, a Kenosha Democrat.

    So did Hulsey do it or not? Did he make an offer to join the Republicans?

    “He did it,” Vos said Friday.

  7. The press only covers you if you are a millionaire, have raised a million or in this case, act goofy.

    Does Hulsey belong to the Democratic Party? If he doesn’t, the Party can disown him but if he does, he is one of them. If the DPW spends their time attacking Hulsey, that is their problem, not his. It is not easy to get on the ballot. If he does, he is a legitimate contender in my book. The Press is upset because Hulsey pulled a fast one on them. The DPW is upset because they can’t control him. Hulsey as far as I can see is just being Hulsey. You don’t like him, don’t sign his nomination paper. He has every “right” to be a candidate.

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