More Crisis Actors Prop Up Moscow Ron Johnson

These ads have replaced Kevin of Clinton in the third party derby to prop up Moscow Ron’s failing campaign. Now we have the just so huggable Burdie and Steve in Wauwatosa. But I bet these are just crisis actors and they have no idea who Ron Johnson is…and that they don’t even know where Wauwatosa is. again…time to pass a coherent and responsible campaign finance bill in Washington. But don’t expect Listerine Johnson to support something like that. He’s diggin’ these lies on his behalf.

screen grab by Ed Heinzelman

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1 thought on “More Crisis Actors Prop Up Moscow Ron Johnson

  1. this article was also ‘grabbed’ and ‘republished’. but I am now convinced that this site is a bot site or run by foreign actors. the reprint of this article isn’t verbatim like last time and the grammar is atrocious. And after some research, the four journalists listed at the plagiarizer don’t seem to exist for Google or on the social media sites FaceBook or Twitter. Which is pretty unusual for media types who usually like to market themselves and their wares.

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