Walker administration to pay $1.7 million to outside companies to identify state buildings to sell

As reported by Patrick Marley of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration has committed to paying nearly $1.7 million to four private companies for their assistance in determining whether the state should sell heating and cooling plants and other state-owned properties.

Studying the issue is expected to cost even more. The state is working with four other firms on the matter, but has not finalized contracts with them.

State Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon), a member of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, said he was surprised by the costs and thought Department of Administration employees would have been able to do such work.

“Don’t we have anybody on staff that can do that kind of thing?” he said.

Department of Administration spokesman Cullen Werwie said in an email the agency “doesn’t have the expertise to provide the type of analysis that is needed to fully evaluate these assets. We decided to move forward and have independent, outside evaluators come in to provide an unbiased, accurate analysis (of) the assets that we could potentially sell or lease.”

The Walker administration has pushed the idea of selling off state-owned properties as a way to help pay down the state’s $8 billion in debt – debt that has actually grown larger thanks to Gov. Walker’s budgets.

If these efforts by Gov. Walker’s administration to sell state-owned properties are successful, I have no doubt they will be viewed as having been a short-sighted “band aid” on a problem made worse by Gov. Walker’s borrow and spend budget decisions.


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3 thoughts on “Walker administration to pay $1.7 million to outside companies to identify state buildings to sell

  1. Huh. Here’s yet another time when the Walker Admin decides it’s own people in state government can’t handle this issue on their own (like they did with Act 10 and other legal issues), and now they have to outsource it at a much higher taxpayer expense.

    Funny how these things work out, isn’t it?

  2. Walker is either a crook, inept, or has a brain disorder; maybe all three. He just has one scheme after another to satisfy his financial providers at the taxpayers’ expense.

    This latest con-job is just more privatization. If power producing facilities need upgrading to meet pollution standards, what makes Walker think that the Koch krooks can do it cheaper. When you add their overhead and profit margin to the renovation, future power will surely cost Wisconsin users much more. And I will not charge the State $1.7 for this analysis.

    I have no quarrel with selling unused buildings for commercial ventures or housing use based upon a qualified Wisconsin real estate appraiser’s valuation.

    1. Using state money to first buy the Walker preferred version of asset evaluation (think recent redistricting costs, providing work for attorneys), I am also very concerned about the adverse effects upon state workers currently employed in conjunction with any state facilities being considered for dispersal being accurately noted, whomever does them.

      Walker’s Friday announcement revealing new levels to his definition of, “transparency,” about dealings with WEDC clients, and Walker having more or less sole authority to finalize sales of state holdings, win or lose the election, just think what Walker will attempt to do as a lame duck governor. Hold on to your seats, folks.

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