Freakin’ Halloweekend: Spotlight on The Have Nots (as X)

Freakin' Halloweekend

In anticipation of “Freakin’ Halloweekend” – coming Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the High Noon Saloon in Madison – we’re taking a moment to profile and interview some of the bands who will be donning musical costumes for the occasion.    Please see the schedule below. 

What band are you performing as for Freakin’ Halloweekend?



Who are your members in your band and are they in other local Madison bands? If so, what are they?

T.B. Bonebrake (Goat Radio, Knuckel Drager), Nikxene Cervenka (The Lurkhards), Kurty “Zoom” Johnson (Knuckel Drager, Rodeo Bums), Jack Doe (Goat Radio and a bunch of Milwaukee bands)


When you were younger (or heck, even now), what band/musician did you want to be (or dress up as for Halloween) when you grew up?

Younger: Kiss. Now: Not Kiss.


What do you think the band you’re being would think if they saw you? Would they be flattered? Outraged? Impressed?

Billy Zoom would probably beat the sh!t out of us while smiling in a creepy manner. He seems angry that way.


Are you dressing up as the band?

Only if we can find a black see-through mesh sleeveless shirt for Jack


What other band playing at FHW are you most excited about seeing?

All of them!


What experience do you want the audience to take away from your show?

To feel like they’re at the Whiskey in 1982 all hopped up on goofballs.


Tickets ►

FRIDAY 10/31
12:30am The Have Nots as X
11:30pm Junkhead as ALICE IN CHAINS
11pm – 11:30pm Costume Contest Train/Winners
10pm Velcro Fly as ZZ TOP
9pm Red Rose playing 90’s HIP HOP CLASSICS
8pm The Shirley Manson Family as GARBAGE
8PM | $8 | 21+

Saturday 11/1
12:30am No Class as MOTORHEAD
11:30pm The Old Pornographers as THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS
11pm – 11:30pm Costume Contest Train/Winners
10pm The Bobby McGees as JANIS JOPLIN
9pm The Little Bitches as THE SPECIALS
8pm Blink One Eighty Boo as BLINK 182
8PM | $8 | 21+

Presented by WORT FM & MadCity Music Exchange

Costume contest with prizes at 11PM each night!

Click here for the Facebook Event


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7 thoughts on “Freakin’ Halloweekend: Spotlight on The Have Nots (as X)

  1. We all saw this last week, there is an important election right around the corner, so Adam, where exactly does it indicate that this event is raising money and donating all the proceeds to progressive causes or exclusively benefiting food pantries. If not kindly remove it.

    1. And Adam knows that he’s welcome to post non-political stuff here.

      Though BloggingBlue is obviously a politics-focused blog, I believe there’s plenty of room for non-political postings.

  2. The money is benefiting the local arts which I believe is a progressive cause. Zach has stated that he would like Blogging Blue to be a site where the local arts are spotlighted. That is what I am doing. I volunteer my time and efforts to put on this event to support local music.

    These are different artists being interviewed. These aren’t the same posts.

    Also, it’s not bad to have non-blogging bluers come and visit and read the site. I’ve already been told by multiple musicians, who has never visited this site, how they love it.

    During the event (where the High-Noon sells out usually both nights), Blogging Blue will be thanked throughout both nights for it’s support in local music.

    Finally, I’ve never seen you complain about the Thursday Music Posts that are posted by Ed Heinzelman…which personally, I happen to love.

  3. Sorry, but I come to this site because it IS such a good political blog. I never noticed Ed posted the Thursday Music posts because I ignore them; I figured they were an indulgence of Zach’s, which I was willing to overlook cause I respect the work he does here. However, the freakin Halloween thing has nothing to do with anything and is of no interest to me or to, I imagine, most of your regular readers. Just my opinion, but Zach, you weaken your brand and the blog with this kind of unrelated distraction. 10 days from the election and you use space for this?

    1. AnonyBob, I appreciate your opinion, but Ed’s posting of Thursday music was something I started way back in the day, just as I’ve posted about sports, autism, and suicide from time to time. I don’t consider any of the posts I wrote on non-political topics to be less important; for example I consider this post to be one of the finest things I’ve ever written on this blog.

  4. Just putting my two-cents in since I’ve never visited this site before being directed here from the Halloweekend posts. While I’m here I’ve spent time reading through different posts and will now have it on my mind to check back frequently. If you guys don’t like them, then why not just ignore them?

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