Whither MKE County: Sheldon Lubar Will Show You Whither You Mindless Plotters

Mr Sheldon Lubar, Milwaukee business icon and one of the Machiavellian triumvirate behind the gutting of Milwaukee County elective government apparently is in a snit about the County Board’s firing of County Corporation Counsel Kimberly Walker. Whether you support the boards action or not, they are within their legal right to remove Ms. Walker from office…and if the board lacks confidence in Ms. Walker’s abilities…well she has to go.

Apparently in high dudgeon, Mr. Lubar wrote to Supervisor Theo Lipscomb, “you and the rest of your mindless plotters of 13 supervisors should be ashamed of yourselves”. Well, like any fine area citizen, Mr. Lubar is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he continues:

Lubar said the firing was done to get back at County Executive Chris Abele, who had a key role in advocating for the new state law curbing the authority and resources of the County Board. Lubar also pressed for the change.

“Your conduct is unfortunately more evidence of the dysfunction of the County Board”

Lubar criticized Dimitrijevic as “a child… She has no maturity.” He compared her unfavorably to her predecessor as chairman, Lee Holloway.

Lubar’s letter said, “the solution must be further change” and pledged to work to downsize the board. He said he had no specific plans to seek further legislation to cut the size of the board.

So, for supposedly acting petty and smug by firing Ms. Walker, the board was getting back at Executive Abele. How totally dysfunctional…so his response it to get back at the board by threatening to continue to work to downsize them? Mr. Lubar, it’s time to stand down…you are petty and hypocritical and just a wee bit dysfunctional!


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