Green Bay Alderman Chris Wery demands condemnation of Islamic groups from Muslim citizen

Earlier this week Heba Mohammad, a resident of the city of Green Bay, sent this email to Alderman Chris Wery, a Republican who represents Green Bay’s 8th Aldermanic district on the Green Bay Common Council.

Heba Mohammad's Initial Email

As shown in the email, Mohammad clearly articulated a valid concern about the ability of some voters in Green Bay to get to the polls to cast their votes on November 4, and she asked for Ald. Wery’s help in addressing the issue. In response, Wery sent this email to Mohammad.

Chris Wery's Response

As you can see, Ald. Wery’s response quickly transitions from an acknowledgment of the reason for her initial contact into an interrogation of her affiliation with the Muslim Student Association at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Ald. Wery then demanded assurances that Mohammad and the MSA did not support militant Islamic ideology or Sharia law and asked her to condemn Sharia law, militant Islamic ideology, and Hamas, as if Mohammad’s being a Muslim somehow made those condemnations necessary.

Here’s Mohammad’s pitch-perfect response to Ald. Wery’s email.

Heba Mohammad's Response

Predictably, Ald. Wery was less than satisfied with Mohammad’s response, noting in his final email response to her that he took her non-answer as his answer and adding that as the founder of the UW-Green Bay Muslim Student Association she was “indeed THE person to ask.” What Wery seemed to be oblivious to is the fact that Heba Mohammad’s religious or personal beliefs should have absolutely NO bearing on anything, especially considering her initial contact with Wery was in regards to a legitimate concern she had about ensuring voters had the ability to get to the polls on election day.

After the interaction between Ald. Chris Wery and Heba Mohammad was made public, Wery issued an apology on his Facebook page.

I wanted to apologize to Heba Mohammad. She reached out to me about free busing on election days. I helped her with this and it is something we will be looking into. However, I asked her in the same email about a chapter of AMA she founded at UWGB. While other chapters nationwide have issues, and my concerns are real, I should have addressed it in a separate forum. I called and spoke with Heba, apologized and asked if we could meet to discuss my concerns. We left the phone conversation with a good understanding of each other.

If you’d like to send Ald. Chris Wery an email to let him know his kind of bigotry has no place among those elected to serve, please do so – just be respectful.


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6 thoughts on “Green Bay Alderman Chris Wery demands condemnation of Islamic groups from Muslim citizen

  1. Alderman Chris Wery should be dismissed immediately from his elected position if he doesn’t have the balls to resign, himself. He’s obviously not sorry about his blatant xenophobic comments and latent bigotry in his, “apology,” and is still trying to claim he was justified in his prior responses in those email communications to Heba Mohammad. He says he still has his “concerns.”

    I don’t know, but I am guessing that the City or the Packers contribute to the costs for free rides on game day as a public safety issue, to get drunks home safely. Would be a great public relations ploy for the Packers to have a call service available to do the same on election day, and in doing so, deliberately point out Wery’s bigotry as something they would never condone as an organization.

    The more I think about it the bigger an ass this Wery is. Think about the “apology.” “I should have expressed my bigotry in a separate message.”

  2. So you think the UW GB would allow a HAMAS group to be operating on campus? Right…… Bigot…. Stay Classy Green Bay.. Republicans…..

  3. From the Appleton Post Crescent: Bigot refuses to step down, claims he is not a bigot.

    Gannett doesn’t keep stories online very long and doesn’t maintain public access archives as far as I know.

    ““I see no reason to resign. I asked a legitimate question, albeit in the wrong forum as it should have been a separate communication. MSA’s have been an issue around the country and I wanted to know, from the founder herself, the goals of her chapter. Let’s remember a few years ago I was one of the majority who voted to allow a mosque on Velp Ave despite cries to stop it. I believe in both freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Being elected does not mean I lose my freedom of speech.””

    Just because you are allowed to barf up just about any speech, doesn’t negate the fact that your vomitted vocabulary is not racial and religious bigotry. Failing to understand that what you said fits that description is fully blind ignorance.

  4. I love this over reaction by the left to a poorly timed question from Mr Wery. There is no reason for him to step down he has apologized and the left need to let it go. BTW did any of you notice she never did answer the question though, that is typical for people with something to hide

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